Ascendance of a Bookworm Episode 4 Review

Bookworm Episode 4

For Future Dreams

While there’s still the occasional moment of Main being unbearably smug, particularly early in episode 4 of Ascendance of a Bookworm, this episode had a much nicer feel as Main actually listened to her parents, worked to overcome her shortcomings and when all else failed there was Lutz to make her realise that she wasn’t alone. All and all a much better tone to the show and if Main keeps going she might even become a nice-ish character with an outlandish dream rather than a selfish one that only whines.

This expression though mostly made me annoyed at her.

Spring has finally come along and Main desperately wants to go to the forest to gather clay to make tablets to write on. However her sister and parents sensibly object given she can’t even walk to the gatehouse without getting exhausted. And then Main’s father comes through big time and organises for Main to work with Otto as he teaches the young soldiers to write and to help with his tasks with the added bonus that once she can walk back and forth from the gate house she can go to the forest. What really surprised is that Main was actually grateful and didn’t whinge about any of this or even complain too much about the delay and she genuinely tried to help Otto teach the other kids.

She’s so cute now that she isn’t whinging all the time.

On their many walks home it becomes pretty clear Lutz isn’t just looking out for Main and I’m curious as to where the relationship between the two will go, but he certainly gets points for being the best character so far. Not only is he sweet and helpful to Main when she needs to rest, but when she clearly lies when they go to the forest the first time he tells her off, and then helps her anyway.

I’d like to know what happened when Main got angry the first time the clay tablets were destroyed but I assumed it will come up later in the story. For now though, it is probably enough to know that once again Main’s imperfect knowledge of the creation process did not result in actual clay tablets. She got a little closer than she did with her last attempt at weaving but still does not actually have a book.

Lutz is definitely the best character.

I wonder what her next attempt will be. Still, I really liked that Main encouraged Lutz to follow his dream. It seemed like most people have told him he’s being silly or dismissed it before because he was surprised by her reaction. I wonder what these two will gt up to as they get older?

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Images from: Ascendance of a Bookworm. Dir. M Hongou. Ajia-Do. 2019.

3 thoughts on “Ascendance of a Bookworm Episode 4 Review

  1. You are much nicer about her in this episode then I am. Just that look on her face truly annoys the heck out of me. That being said I agree that Lutz is by far one of the best characters and hopefully him being around her will make her better.

    1. That look on her face really annoyed me and given it was right at the start of the episode I was thinking that this was goodbye. However, the rest of episode was better and if it keeps heading in the direction it has then it will probably end up okay.

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