Arifureta: From Common Place to World’s Strongest Review Episode 3


Battling Monsters and Bad Visuals


Arifureta Episode 3

Outside of the still incredibly ugly visuals that make is difficult to figure out what is going on and what is monster and what is grainy textured background, Arifureta is kind of settling in as an underwhelming entry this season. Now that we’ve moved past the introduction, the fact that we skipped all the back story (or got the cliff-notes version of it in a couple of flashbacks) just means we have a main character with little depth to him because we have no actual connection to him prior to him becoming an unstoppable juggernaut within the dungeon.


We briefly, as in blink and you’ll miss it, get a scene with the main kids from the class who are about to go back to the labyrinth and again we have no connection to these characters, who they were, how they’ve changed since arriving and since Hajime’s death because any context that might have helped us figure out who they are outside of their name and title was stripped away. So other than knowing some of the class are still going into the labyrinth the scene serves little to no purpose. Though I guess it at least gives us an outdoor scene that is actually bright because otherwise this episode was just a murky mess visually.

This is Hajime about to land on the back of a monster. Looks good, doesn’t it?

As to Hajime and Yue, they’ve insta-bonded over being betrayed (which I remember being more affective when reading) and that’s more or less fine. They work together to bring down some scorpion monster thing at the start of the episode and this is where the visuals were at their worst. I know the monster was supposed to be blending in with the rocks but it became almost impossible to really distinguish what was going on in the fight and so the ultimate victory for Hajime and Yue wasn’t that amazing.


We then speed run down to the 100th floor stopping only long enough to deal with some flower monster. That wouldn’t be a problem if they used the time to do something but in the duration we learn practically nothing new about Yue other than she’s maybe well over 300 years old and doesn’t need to eat so long as she’s drinking blood. Otherwise there’s little to nothing going on in the second half and then we arrive at the 100th floor and find a mysterious looking door.


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This episode definitely wasn’t a disaster because we’re past the introduction to this story now and there’s no going back. While the absence of it is sorely hurting these characters and the world building, this episode did the best it could with the foundation it had been given. It isn’t good and I’m still miffed they have managed to make it this unimpressive, but in fairness it is a reasonably average episode in terms of story though a bit more going on would have been nice and if it wasn’t for the awful visual choices they’ve made in portraying the labyrinth the episode overall would be about average for the genre.

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Images from: Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest. Dir. K Yoshimoto. White Fox. 2019.

11 thoughts on “Arifureta: From Common Place to World’s Strongest Review Episode 3

  1. You aren’t kidding about these visuals. If the screenshots are anything to go by…ughhhhh. Well, as I just said over on your other post I’m at my max for seasonal anime shows, but having read this I guess I am not missing out on too much here 😊

    1. I do strongly recommend that light novel for this. The first volume at least is a really compelling read. The volumes after have diminishing returns on enjoyment, but the story of Hajime falling into the Labyrinth and having to fight his way out being completely transformed in the process was nicely done, and this anime has utterly butchered that part of the story.

      1. Okay, well thanks for recommending me that one. I will keep it in mind, but in between the huge amount of stuff I’m currently watching and reading, it will probably be quite a while before I get to it. That said, I’m pretty sure I will never run out of things to watch/read, so that is a good thing lol 😂

  2. Yes, they’ve also left out the impact that Hajime’s death had on many of the students.

    1. Yes, we haven’t seen any of the students who have refused to fight as a result of the death of another classmate making them realise this really isn’t a game. We didn’t really see the others who’ve chosen to keep fighting having to really overcome that fear themselves. The teacher’s reaction was totally gone. All and all we’ve just been given nothing.

  3. That scorpion made me laugh, the synringe-like stinger looks so out of place in particular. It’s like someone used the metal end of a pen as inspiration or something. Also if it’s eyes weren’t red, I wouldn’t have known where to look!

    I didn’t like how they rushed the floors as much as they did, but it really just seems like they are trying to cram a lot into 12 episodes, too much, which is why they’ve even glossed over Hajime’s classmates and even flashbacks (thank goodness).

    1. This would be like the cliffnotes version of the story. At the end you will be able to say what happens in Arifureta but not actually care about a single bit of it.

      1. Happens too much in anime, where they decide to cram everything in instead of taking a risk and pacing themselves while hoping for a 2nd season.

        I just wonder how risky it really is though, to just try and make a good anime that’s paced properly and does everything right, even if the entire story doesn’t get covered in one season. If anything cramming everything in and damaging the quality of the anime is a big risk in itself anyways..

        1. Yes, at least a good anime season would encourage people to check out the source and if it is a liked anime the odds of a second season go up significantly higher than when people just can’t understand why they would adapt something the way they have.

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