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So This Is The Tale Of Our Castaways


Sounan Desu Ka? Episodes 1 – 5

There’s not a lot to this anime which is why I decided not to review it in individual episodes and yet at this point I’m still kind of enjoying 13 minutes of island survival with the group of girls each week in Are You Lost? The problem really is that for every sweet and charming moment or bit of situational humour that hits the mark we have something that flies way out of my appeal zone and so the overall viewing experience is pretty mixed.


Honestly, it is a simple set up with the four girls washing up on the island. The first episode spent more time with them drifting before swimming for the island, fighting off a shark with a mobile phone battery. Which is the other problem here. One of the characters, Homare, has been trained by her father to be some kind of survival expert and while at times this feel authentic at others they seem to be really stretching it to give her some new bit of trivia or wisdom to unload. More importantly, not all of her advice is amazing like the idea of peeing into someone else’s mouth when the person doing the peeing was also highly dehydrated.


Still, the other three girls learning from Homare, or at least trying very hard not to starve to death by eating the various things she unearths for them, are a nice mix of personalities and episode 5 finally brought the tear-fest as one of the girls thought she saw a boat and it made the others realise that they really were stranded and not going home any time soon.


This anime could have fallen hard if these girls weren’t pleasant to spend time with and while none of them are particularly unique in their characteristics, they’ve balanced the group fairly well. It would be nice to see Homare struggle a little more occasionally though given she more or less seems like a self-contained survival machine.

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Now, there is plenty of fan-service and gross out moments thrown into the mix and with varying degrees of success. Episode one hits hard with the peeing and squeezing blood out of a fish and almost every episode has the girls at some point stripping down to their underwear. Whether this makes or breaks the show for you depends entirely on your tastes. For me it neither adds to the appeal nor is it intrusive enough to diminish the rest of the viewing experience.


Basically, if you want survival slice of life with cute girls doing survival things then this anime is likely to hit the spot for you. Otherwise there isn’t much of a pressing need to jump onbaord.

And yeah, I just can’t help the Gilligan’s Island connection:

No phone, no lights, no motor car,
Not a single luxury,
Like Robinson Crusoe,
It’s primitive as can be.


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9 thoughts on “Are You Lost? Review Episodes 1 – 5

  1. A boundary between ecchi and comedy. And this one is among the most hilarious and funny anime this season.

  2. I completely forgot about this anime for a second, and thought you were asking your readers if they are lost lol. But honestly I love this anime, and I do wish short form was a bit more popular. Glad to see one of my favorite blogs review it!

    1. It does seem odd that short form is seems so overlooked given particularly for reviewers they make for quick viewing and are nice too fill in space between longer shows. While I’m not a huge fan of a lot of short anime because so many are gag comedy focused, I’ve definitely found a few over the last two years that I’ve enjoyed a lot.

    1. Short anime always do seem to fly under the radar but I’ve seen this one being covered on a few blogs. There isn’t really enough substance for weekly coverage (at least from my point of view) but it isn’t bad enough to stop watching.

  3. Fighting off a shark with a mobile phone huh? 🤔 Well…I guess that could be done lol. Not sure about the peeing in mouth thing though lol 😂😂 I do like survival stories, and with episodes only 12 minutes long this isn’t too much of an investment. Guess I will wait and see to hear the rest of your thoughts on this series to decide if I will watch this one 😊

    1. It’s not exactly thrilling but it isn’t as bad as it could be. I’m suspecting the school girls in various states of undress is meant to appeal to a particular market but I’m not a part of that market. Fortunately the girls are pleasant enough to spend time with based on their personalities even if they aren’t exactly compelling.

      1. Yeah the ever present fan service (well not always present, but you know what I mean). Oh well, as you say as long as the characters are fun it’s not too bad I guess. Will keep my eyes out for the rest of your reviews on this one 😊

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