April Sponsorship Drive Wrap-Up and Thanks

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2021 April – Post Sponsor Drive

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Target Achieved!

$205 raised toward the blog in April.

There’s going to be a lot of thanks expressed in this post because I am really thankful to my readers and to those who have offered support for the blog going forward.

I am so excited that this idea I had has kind of worked out. I was a little worried it seemed a bit odd but it felt a little fairer than my previous patron efforts. That said, this was the first attempt at doing this and I will be running another drive in September so for all my readers I’d love some feedback.

If you did sponsor a post, a series or made a donation:

  • Are you happy with the current structure using paypal?
  • Are you happy with the cost of post sponsorship and series sponsorship?
  • Is there more I can do to acknowledge you wonderful people in the future?

If you didn’t sponsor this time around for whatever reason I’d still like your feedback on whether you think this is a reasonable structure going forward and whether there are other options I should offer in future.

But who are the sponsors that I am so thankful for?

This Post Is Sponsored By 5
This Post Is Sponsored By 6 1
This Post Is Sponsored By 9
This Post Is Sponsored By 7
This Post Is Sponsored By 10

There are also a number of people who made a donation who either declined a badge or did not (yet) reply when I emailed them asking if they wished to have one made. That door is still open for those who donated as I would absolutely love to acknowledge your support (though I also respect those who wish to prefer anonymous).

If you don’t follow the amazing people above, I would absolutely recommend visiting their blogs – click on their badge. These guys are all active participants in our ani-blogging community and just great people to get to know.

A final huge thank-you to everyone who has chosen to support the blog this year.

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.
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