Announcing the Winner of the Reader’s Poll for Best Anime of 2018


With 12 titles going head to head, the top 3 anime from each season, it was always going to be a close race. With a day to go the top 4 were within 4 votes of one another. Then there was a last minute rush and the top 2 titles kind of took off.

Thanks to everyone who voted and who shared the link. I do think I’m going to keep this format next year of only including the top 3 series of each season in the final poll as it makes the final poll far more manageable.

But for now, let’s announce winners.

Tied for third place, with 13 votes each, we have March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 and My Hero Academia season 3.

I was really pleased that March performed so well given it isn’t an anime that gets mentioned a lot. That said I absolutely love it and feel it definitely deserves a place among the top of 2018. My Hero Academia it is far easier to understand why this one got voted up and while season 3 wasn’t my favourite, it is still overall a fairly solid story.

In second place we have Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai with 19 votes, only one vote away from winning.

Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 2

This one was clearly always going to do well in the poll having been talked about at length during the Autumn season and having only just ended it was fresh in everyone’s minds. A very quality anime and well deserving of the mention.

However, that leaves us with the anime of the year.

Waiting for more fireworks.

And it is Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho or A Place Further Than The Universe with 20 votes.


Now this was an anime I didn’t really get into and ended up dropping two episodes in. I did go back after in won best of the season and tried to watch it again. It really isn’t my kind of show. That said, it is fairly clear what the appeal of this title is and if you didn’t watch any anime last year this is an excellent starting point.

Thanks again to everyone who voted, the full results are below, and we’ll be back again at the end of the winter season to start shortlisting for 2019.


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17 thoughts on “Announcing the Winner of the Reader’s Poll for Best Anime of 2018

    1. It was incredibly close up until the last day with the top 4 all being in the running. The last day those top 2 just launched ahead. Though still, only one vote in it.

  1. What, I was actually on the winning side for once? Wow! But seriously, it was a gorgeous anime and a stunning exploration of building friendships. . .

    1. It was an incredibly tight race between those top two. While I didn’t get into A Place Further Than The Universe, I’m glad people seem happy with the outcome of the vote.

    1. I know. I’m glad it manages to hang on. It may not be the most popular show out, but for me it was one that hit me really hard and made a definite impact. Nothing really managed to top it for me personally during the year.

  2. Anyone agree we should make Karandi’s anime awards the de facto replacement for Crunchyroll’s?

    1. Probably needs a larger voter turn out. Still, this one was entirely short listed by the votes of the readers each season and decided by the readers of the blog.

        1. Yes, I’ve never understood why it goes through patches of deciding perfectly legitimate bloggers are posting spam comments. I periodically check my spam but I’m sure I’ve missed more than a few actual comments.

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