Announcement: Collaboration with Arthifis for the Autumn Season

Karandi: Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that Arthifis and I have decided to do a little bit of collaborating this Autumn Season so I am happy to announce a new series: “Friendly Talks with Arthifis“. I’m really excited about this project and I can’t wait to get going. Now I’m pretty sure most of you know Arthifis but if you haven’t come across him and you don’t follow his blog, I totally recommend checking it out and following. Not only is he really friendly and writes some great articles, he also shares great advice with the community. Be sure to check it out after reading the rest of this announcement.

Hello everyone! Damn it’s good to be in Karandi’s house! Guys this house is huge! Now I understand how she was able to have 10.000 people wandering about in here in only one month!

However, while I’ve covered seasonal shows with other reviewers before this season is going to be a little bit different. Arthifis approached me wanting to look at doing something for the season but we decided not to do weekly coverage, mostly because we would both like to retain our sanity and occasionally find time to sleep and with the 10 hour time different and the whole opposite sides of the planet thing it just seemed like we’d be asking for trouble committing to that.

Arthifis: Yeah… Time zones suck bah -.-’’ Instead of the time machine I think I’ll be asking for a teletransport device to Santa this year!

Karandi: So we tossed some ideas around and decided we were going to cover two shows for the season but we would post monthly impressions. These will hopefully be a bit of a conversation between Arthifis and myself about how the show is going and what we thought and what we’d like to see next or whatever else crosses our minds at the time. We’ll begin with a first impressions post and then sometime after episode 4 do an update on how things are going and so on for the season.

It’s a bit of a different format for me and I’m actually really looking forward to the challenge of remembering what happened over a whole month of the show before reflecting and giving impressions (rather than just shooting off whatever crossed my mind at the time). I am definitely going to need to take a lot of notes for this one.

Arthifis: I’m so freaking excited everyone! I mean, this is going to be a huge opportunity to learn from one of the best! I feel inspired by Karandi on a daily basis, so being actually working with her in this project… Well I hope it works so well that I’m able to ask her to do this for the rest of her life muahahahahah.

Karandi: (*Blushes furiously.) Now, over on Arthifis’ blog we’re going to be discussing Goblin Slayer (hopefully that link works).

Goblin Slayer Promo.jpeg

I’m really excited to see how that turns out as an anime and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it isn’t as disappointing as Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody ended up, but if you want more on what Arthifis and I are thinking about that one, be sure to check out the news over on Arthifis’ blog.

Arthifis, did you want to introduce yourself?

Arthifis: Hmmm not really! You did a pretty good job! In fact, better I could ever do ahah… I’m terrible selling myself xD.

Karandi: Here on 100 Word Anime, we’re going to be discussing Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu – and I guarantee we’re going to find a shorter form for that title really soon because typing that is a pain in the neck. (Arthifis: More  a pain in the fingers xD.)

Dakaretai - Promo2

Now I was kind of wanting to cover this one because it’s a little bit different from what I normally cover on my blog and this seemed like a good opportunity to try something like this and Arthifis was fortunately up for it (though we might end up regretting this choice somewhere along the line).

Arthifis: Naaaah I won’t! If it ends up being not that good it will just be more wood for my fire hate against Shounen-Ai Animes… *cries*

Karandi: Now I have read the source for this one and I must say I’m kind of wondering how true to the manga they are going to keep this adaptation because that could get interesting. But for those who’ve never heard of it here’s the MAL synopsis:

“I’ll make it so your body’s unable to forget mine.”

Saijou Takato’s 5 year reign as the ‘Most Huggable No. 1’ has been snatched. Stealing his thunder is the newbie actor with a 3-year debut, Azumaya! Towards the stuffy hostile Takato, Azumaya’s sincere sparkling smile starts to become effective. Even as Takato sets his alert level on MAX, Azumaya catches Takato in his shameful drunken state and uses it to blackmail him! In exchange for Azumaya’s silence, Azumaya states, “Please let me hold you…?! Embrace me, who was the Most Huggable No.1?” What the heck is he saying! Includes a large quantity of other high suspense erotic stories.

I’d love to know what you’re expecting from this anime Arthifis.

Dakaretai Promo3.jpg

Arthifis: “Includes a large quantity of other high suspense erotic stories” ahahah That’s the best description ever.

Well, from what I can read from the description and my experience with Shounen-Ai Animes I have to be honest and say that I feel a little scared that it will have the general tropes as most have. Not because of the tropes itselves, but because I’m actually hoping this will be a little more a nice romantic story xD

So, instead of what I’m expecting, I’ll say what I WANT it to be. A story about guys falling in love in certain different ways (with erotic scenes which is always good ofc), but not with the “I’ll rape you and you will fall for me”.

Moreover, I hope it also shows a little bit of the show biz. Since Azumaya, at least, seems to be an actor, it seems the scene will be around acting. So, I hope they give us a little bit about being gay in the acting setting while living in the Japanese society. Maybe showing the struggles of being famous and so on… Probably it won’t… But hey, a guy can dream, right?

Of course, contrary to Karandi I never heard about this show before and have way less knowledge in what is going to happen ahah.

Karandi: If I’m honest, my memory of the source material is pretty sketchy at this stage, but I remember it left enough of an impression that hearing it was getting an anime was still kind of exciting. Though I am pretty sure we are going to be wading in tropes.

That said, I think both Arthifis and I are really looking forward to the new season and to working together so hopefully some of you will join us each month as we have a bit of a discussion around these anime.

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, please be sure to hop over to Arthifis’ blog where we are discussing what we are hoping for with Goblin Slayer.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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10 thoughts on “Announcement: Collaboration with Arthifis for the Autumn Season

  1. Well, now there’s a collab the groundwork was there for, but I sure didn’t see it coming! Considering Goblin Slayer’s already under Crunchyroll at this point and Aniplex has DakaIchi (that’s the name of Dakaretai used by the licensor), it’s highly likely I’ll be able to watch both, meaning I should be able to follow along in some form (assuming Goblin Slayer and/or DakaIchi actually work for me). I’ll be looking forward to what the both of you have to say if that’s the case.

  2. Two of my favorite bloggers teaming up?? This has got to be the best idea ever! 😊 Wonderful idea guys, really looking forward to this, and judging from this post alone, it’s going to be an awesome team up. (not that I had any doubts about that in the first place 😂😂).

    1. We’ve been looking forward to the new season. Trying a new format seems like a fun challenge and I am really looking forward to working with Arthifis.

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