Anniversary Special – Thanks For Joining Me This Week


Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for joining me this week to celebrate my anniversary. I know the actual anniversary date is May 1 but unfortunately I won’t be online then, so I’m glad you helped me celebrate a little bit early. Despite not being around next week I have content scheduled to go out as normal so hopefully you will enjoy and I’ll be sure to catch up and reply to comments once I have internet again.

All of the anniversary posts including the contributions made by Scott, Mei, Rossi, Irina, Remy, Arithifis, and Aldael can be found using the link below. Be sure to check them out as they shared some great blogging advice and there are links to their blogs if you are not following any of these amazing people.

Anniversary Posts

Now, to finish off the anniversary week, I have my second attempt at an introductory video for Patreon. The original one was up a few weeks ago for feedback and I was given some incredibly helpful advice from a number of viewers and I really thank them for the feedback. The original video is below:

Now, I haven’t changed the music, because despite the feedback, I like the music and the video is introducing me and I kind of think it suits what I was looking for. However, I have been working on it off and on in-between everything else and I think the second video is a lot better. I’m still not entirely happy with it and I know there’s a sound glitch toward the end where a word is cut off and I still haven’t figured out how that happened. However, I would appreciate feedback if you have the time (the video is less than a minute).

While I’m probably not going to rework an introduction video straight away as I’m going to attempt to start working on a video for Patrons as we’re getting closer to the first goal of $50 a month where I am supposed to be delivering some video content to patrons, I would appreciate the feedback as I will apply it to my next project and I will eventually, once I’ve gained some more skill and confidence, come back and redo the introduction video yet again.

Here is the updated video:

With that, the anniversary celebration is officially over and hopefully you will all still be reading next year and will join in the third celebration of 100 Word Anime.

thank you


Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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5 thoughts on “Anniversary Special – Thanks For Joining Me This Week

  1. Another year to work with and another year to spread more awesomeness 🙂
    It’s a great development for the intro-video so far! It might help to cut-paste edit to include some timed gaps between sentences (which could accommodate slower scrolling?) to make it sound less rushed – I think the general speech pace is good and clear though. Since its less than a minute I think a couple seconds longer would be fine for the intro still 🙂
    All the best!

  2. Once again, Happy Blogiversary!
    Much like Play-san said, I think it’s a bit fast, else it was pretty good Karandi-san!

  3. That was a shocking voice reveal, to say the least XD
    You have a great voice, and while you said the things a little fast(nervousness maybe?) and the texts also scrolled past fast, I can see the amount of effort put into it. Well done.
    Here’s to more journey ahead 🙂

    1. Work on pacing.
      That’s actually me reasonably slowed down though probably not as much as I have been for the few audio posts I’ve done. I know I speak really quick so I’ve been making an effort to slow it down.
      Thanks for taking the time to listen and provide feedback.

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