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Another huge thank-you to Rossiroad from My Brain is Completely Empty for participating in the anniversary celebration. Now, if you don’t follow Rossi, he’s currently involved in putting together an incredibly ambitious anime data base with a series of linked reviews. It’s a pretty massive undertaking and I tip my hat (should I be wearing one) to him for the amount of effort that must have been involved in the scheduling of those posts. I’m very glad they decided to get involved in my anniversary celebration and share their advice on scheduling.

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In about 100 Words:


Even if you have no consistent schedule you should be scheduling posts. What if you have two ideas on the same day? Releasing two posts on the same day makes your posts squished together and less clickable! Only a fool would want that! Here is an example of a foolish and unlucky blogger who fell for this mistake; don’t be like this!


Scheduling posts day’s apart means that people are more likely to read everything and develop a connection with your blog, which is good. To schedule click on “status” then “publish immediately” and click the calendar to change the date and time. Do it. It also means you can take a 7 month long vacation from blogging without anyone realising, like me!

I’m still going to maintain that those posts didn’t come out at the same time (though it wouldn’t be the first time I stuffed up my posting schedule and had posts come out together). Anyway, this is excellent advice as when you have multiple posts going out together, the posts kind of get lumped together in the reader and it makes it fairly easy to skip over, or to only look at one of the posts.

Be sure to check out more on My Brain is Completely Empty, and to start you off, here’s a post to check out:

Later today Irina is up with their thoughts on Passion and tomorrow Remy shares their thoughts on scheduling so be sure to keep checking out the anniversary posts. I’ll link to all of these at the end of the week, or you can sort by category and find all the anniversary posts in one place (from last year as well).

Thanks for reading.

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20 thoughts on “Anniversary Special Post – Scheduling With Rossiroad

  1. I think there were a few times I posted two separate posts because I was doing the 30-Day Challenge. But I wish I can finish writing a looot of posts so I can schedule them ahead of time, but alas, I only write whenever I like and I take a lot of time just to finish writing a post. OTL

  2. Ahaha made me laugh you used yourself as the foolish blogger example LOL I never post two in one day. So glad I have my schedule then I don’t have to feel bad about nothing come out on my blog.

    1. It is probably just because of how many people I follow but realistically as lone as I put about two hours between my posts there’s almost always about eight other things in my reader between them. I never really considered how it worked for people who weren’t following that many blogs but it makes sense that when I post multiple times a day they would sit together like that.

      1. I know, I was just ribbing you. It’s as Rossi said, it depends on how many other blogs you follow, though I follow a good many and I still manage to get a few of yours grouped every now and again.

        Not really anything you can do about it, just how the Reader works. I feel like if you space about 4-6 hours apart you’ll be fine for most people.

  3. Scheduled posts?
    Ha! Yeah right!
    Every post I make is done in one sitting over the course of about 2-4 hours of snacking and jamming out to my anime playlist!

    Maybe that’s why my writing is crap!

    1. But the write and go method works for some people. If that’s what works for you, then that’s great. I couldn’t do it. Hitting publish on something I hadn’t reread or even just had sitting to think it over would kind of scare me.

  4. This was really fun to do!

    It’s probably because I don’t follow enough people but your posts show up like that really often to me. I only have to scroll down a small way to find your wixos, spirit pack and anniversary post. But people do it all the time. I made the same mistake yesterday and was like “dammit”. At least you can recover and try again last time!

    I thought that I would have a lot less free time during that 7 month break I said I would do. But I find myself putting all non-essential/recreational tasks aside for blogging so I may have lied with that statement. Oh well.

    I’m glad you linked to my koe no katachi post, thanks. Every so often I throw all my other stuff aside and make an extremely thorough, long and detailed post (that nobody could possibly hope to read in one sitting) completely out of the blue. Those kind of posts are probably my favourite to release and work on because I find myself way more proud of them.

    1. It is great when inspiration hits and you write a post you are really proud of. That’s usually when I rework my schedule because I don’t want to add an article to the end of the feature line up which might mean a few weeks before it goes out. As much as I find scheduling a necessity it still needs a bit of flexibility.

      1. True I change mine a fair bit as well. It’s sort of sad sometimes if you have one of these things but people treat it like your normal stuff.

        What do you mean by end of feature line up? I know that you have Friday feature, top 5 Tuesdays and episode reviews and more in between. But where does that feature line up start or end?

        1. I usually have features scheduled weeks in advance and as I write them they go to the end of the list (whichever Friday doesn’t have a feature). Yet when I get inspired or want to respond to something happening at the time, I have to re sequence already scheduled features to fit it in. Features are the posts most often moved back or dumped from the schedule for me. Probably a good thing given a lot of the feature drafts I write are complete rubbish.

          1. Oh I get it now. That makes a lot of sense. I do that too!

            Don’t say your features are rubbish! Out of all your posts the features are the ones that I always make sure to read when I see them (I do that for most of the non-episode reviews though) because my impression of them is that they are breaking apart a very specific and niche topic in great detail which I really enjoy seeing. It’s often ideas I’ve not really thought about so they are good to see!

          2. Thanks. I’m glad you like them. They are probably the hardest post I write because I really do chase my thoughts around in circles before I figure out what I want to do with the post which is probably why so many ideas never get finished and published.

          3. I think you chasing your thoughts around is what gives them the detail I like though. I can’t say that you should publish the posts you throw away though because I’ve not read them. But I think you should have more faith in those posts anyway!

  5. I have a schedule I want to maintain…but I never finish the posts in time to do so. I’ll work on that tomorrow after work since I’m off Friday.

    1. I try and always leave a two day buffer between watching and having to have a post out for episode reviews. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it means I have time to procrastinate if I’m not in a writing space and I can usually get the post out on schedule.

    1. Look at the most popular time people read your blog and when you do release a post schedule it for then. It’s obviously not essential to do any of this or get ahead of yourself but I’d wager you’d get the fastest engagement if you released it at peak time!

    2. Which is how a lot of bloggers work. I don’t think I could function without a schedule but I know plenty of people who work in real time and write when they have something to say.

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