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A huge thank-you to Remy for joining in the anniversary celebration. Remy is pretty well known already in the anime community, but for those that don’t follow his blog, The Lily Garden, you should definitely check it out. There are some fantastic posts that come out over there that really make you think. Remy regularly features on my In Case You Missed It Posts because so much quality content comes out over there.


In about 200 words, here are Remy’s thoughts on Scheduling:

Unlike Karandi and Irina, I’m not one for scheduling. Winging it is how I often do things, so publishing posts right as, or a few hours after, I finish writing suits me just fine.

With that being said, it also (accurately) paints me as inconsistent since days can pass by with nary a peep from yours truly.

As time goes on, planning things out becomes more appealing as a strategy. Consistently pumping out quality content like the two aforementioned aniblogger superstars is definitely a good thing!

But even if I weren’t such a capricious content creator, I’d still make excuses and claim that the scheduling system sometimes swallow posts whole and make them disappear from the WordPress Reader. It’s happened a few times to other anibloggers and to me on occassion. As a result, the potential danger has left me shaking like a leaf in the wind.

But maybe you can be braver and more disciplined than me. If that’s the case (and it certainly isn’t very difficult at all), then I think following Karandi’s example and Irina’s path would be more ideal.

Be sure to check out Remy’s blog for more great content and just to have a chat with a great person. To start you off here is a link to a fairly amusing post that Remy put out:

For a more serious post, check out their appeal that we stop overusing the word ‘dark‘ to describe anime. It’s a great read.

Thanks again Remy. Later today, I am going to look back at what I learned in my second year of blogging, tomorrow morning I have my feature up where I set some goals for the third year, we still have Arithifis and Aladael’s contributions to come out over the weekend and then the anniversary week will draw to a close.

If you’ve missed any posts this week, or want to check out last year’s anniversary posts, use the category anniversary and you should find all of them.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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10 thoughts on “Anniversary Special Post – Scheduling with Remy

  1. Jeez, thank you for such kind praise. Seeing this has made my day.

    Congratulations on the anniversary once again! I’ll be trying to catch up on your blog posts later today but I just wanted to express thanks for the shout-out.

  2. Remy is great, and it’s always a pleasure to see him in my comments, too.

    In terms of scheduling content, I tend to err on the Remy side of things, except when I specifically know I’m going to be away or want to have something prepared ahead of time — I’ve already written my post for Sunday’s anniversary of MoeGamer, for example, because there were things I wanted to talk about while they were fresh in my mind.

    For the most part, I tend to write in the evening when I get home from work. It’s a nice way to unwind. I publish right away, which means my posts tend to go live any time from 6pm UK time onwards — this seems to be a fairly good time to catch the evening European crowd as well as the morning US people.

    I have a few weekly features (such as Waifu Wednesday) as well as a number of established “post formats” I can use when I’m not sure what to cover on a given day — plus there’s always the possibility of posting some sort of opinion piece on recent happenings. That’s actually right at the bottom of my priority list in most cases, though; while these pieces tend to attract a big spike in traffic while they’re timely, my aim for MoeGamer is, on the whole, to provide a “timeless” site that people can read any article from at any time and find something interesting and relevant. Responses to “something stupid someone said on the Internet in 2017” don’t really fall into that category in most cases — though there are exceptions when issues are ongoing!

    This is also part of the reason I adopt my “late review” policy; rather than rushing to cover something the moment it comes out, I’d rather take my time and write about something in detail once I’ve had time to enjoy it in its entirety. My current “Cover Game” Blue Reflection came out last year, and I’ve only just really managed to find the time to explore it — but I’m glad I did, and waiting until I could give it my full attention meant that I could explore every aspect of it in great detail.

    Whew, this ended up being a bit longer than intended. Sorry about that, haha.

    1. It is great to hear your process so thanks for sharing. I think everyone works slightly differently but lots of new bloggers worry about whether they are doing it right. Hopefully through reading some of the posts and comments this week they realise that whatever works for them will be the best option.

  3. Scheduling posts has really helped me this past month, even though I mostly work the way Remy does. I started writing my April posts a couple days before the event began and packed my free days full of watching and writing to make up for days when I couldn’t do that. By scheduling the posts I could make sure they still came out like clockwork and it made me look like I wasn’t terrible at this for once.

    Also if you keep track of your blog traffic you can schedule for the most optimal times. It’s a very handy tool that I’ve come to appreciate.

    1. Woo, a fellow freewheeler who sometimes makes use of the convenient post schedule system!

      Weekend, you’re the opposite of bad at this, okay?

      Gaaah, will be catching on your April posts after work today.

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