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I want to thank Scott for being a part of the anniversary this year. Scott’s been following along for most of 100 Word Anime’s life and he’s such a great member of the ani-blogging community. If you’ve never come across his site, Mechanical Anime Reviews, you should definitely check it out. While there are a lot of mecha anime covered there, particularly during Mecha March, Scott covers a wide range of anime and anime related topics and puts a lot of thought into his posts. He’s one of the many great people I’ve gotten to know since starting the blog and so I was really happy that he decided to be involved with the anniversary celebration. Scott decided to write about ‘Finding Time’ as a blogger and I’m glad to share his words of advice.


In 100 Words:

Finding time for writing for my blog came from a combination of a couple things. The first one is obvious, actually find time to write. The other one is knowing my limitations of what I can write in a week’s worth amount of my free time. I am a busy person, but I want to come up with the best posts that I can write.

Finding time is simple. Whenever I am not doing something, like watching anime, working, sleeping, or playing an instrument, I should be coming up with ideas for a post or writing post. It’s as simple as that. By limiting myself to writing a few posts a week, plus one constant collab thing, I can put out the best posts that I can write in a good amount of time. Not psyching myself out is an important part of finding time to write.

I think Scott makes an excellent point about knowing our limitations and what we have time to write and making sure we don’t rush content and end up not writing something we are happy with.

If you want more from Scott, be sure to check out his blog. Here are some posts to have a look at:

Check back later today when we Mei shares some advice on Interaction and remember all week there will be anniversary special posts so be sure to check them out.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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11 thoughts on “Anniversary Special Post – Finding Time with Scott

  1. In practice it’s pretty damn hard not to psych out and produce something you can be truly proud of. At least in my case. Most simple things might be the most difficult, but I guess there’s no other way except to sit down and write.
    P.S. Cheers, Scott!

    1. I think that’s something we all need to remember. You just have to sit down and write. Or stand up if you have one of those weird desks that you stand at.

  2. You have no idea how much I am blushing right now. Thank you allowing me to jump in on your event. You’re too kind, Karandi.

    1. Thank you for being involved. I mean it when I say that without the followers and the community this blog wouldn’t exist, and I am really glad I came across your blog when I first started blogging. I’m glad to have had the chance to meet you and discuss anime. Here’s to more fun talks about something we love.

    2. Great post Scott and gosh you are so dedicated. I already knew how busy you are but it’s impressive to see it spelled out!

      1. He’s fantastic. I love that he is always striving to make his posts better and I remember fairly recently he took a post down and redid the topic because he wasn’t happy with the clarity of the first post.

          1. You guys are embarrassing me. Especially when the two people who write posts everyday at a high quality are talking like that.

            It means so much, thank you.

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