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I have to say a very special thanks to Arthifis for their participation in this anniversary. Rather than taking on one topic for sharing their advice, he took on the whole lot and it is my great pleasure to share his thoughts. If you haven’t been by Arthifis’ Place you definitely need to check it out, and the Facebook page. He’s working really hard to create fun places for anime fans to hang out online and it has definitely been a lot of fun.


In as many words as he liked:

What I Learned #1 – Writing Content

I’m going to focus in getting ideas to write content instead of only words than how to write your content. The latter I’m completely into write the way you want and be yourself, so I can’t really advise on how to be yourself… For me ideas to create new content is everywhere! I’m a really creative person, so probably I have a little easier way to get things to write about, but I do think it’s really in everywhere. I get ideas to write posts by: reading other people’s content, YouTube videos, things that happen to me in real life that I could discuss in the blog. Basically, at the moment everything I experience my brain thinks, can I do a post about it? Normally it ends up going to places that I didn’t even think about it in the beginning.

What I Learned #2 – Scheduling

I can’t work without deadlines. I give myself to procrastination too easily when I feel I have time to do things and I’m way more productive/creative when working under pressure, this way, from the beginning of my blogging “career” I decided that I would have a schedule for my posts. This way scheduling is really important to me, first it makes my followers know what’s coming and if they are following me because of Anime they’ll come at Tuesdays while if it’s video games they’ll come on Thursdays, etc… But, more than that it makes me write content in a regular basis and don’t just procrastinate during the week.

What I Learned #3 – Passion

Passion is everything, in my opinion. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of content creators putting content out there about the same thing you do. Even if you’re way to do it may be (or not) more creative the thing is, in the end of the day, it’s just another review of the same show or something like that. What really does make the difference is seeing your passion writing about the things you care and your blog itself. It’s a blog, so it’s expected for you to give your own opinion about things, saying you love or hate something and just put yourself out there. If it was not for that, people would just stick with the well-constructed neutral articles all over the Internet.

What I Learned #4 – Details

My goal at the moment is to make reviews always around 1000 words… I mean I could write the triple of that, but then they would just become too boring… Anyway, it’s important for your content to have details, if not for that people would just go and read a synopsis from huge and trustworthy websites. But there are so many details how to choose the right ones? Well, I normally go with the ones that made me like the anime (or dislike it for that matter). Probably if you were the one writing the review for the same Anime you would pick different details than me, but that’s what is fun about blogging!

What I Learned #5 – Finding Time

I’m not going to lie… Finding time to blog and more difficult, catching up with other bloggers’ content is HARD when you are working full time (or studying). And don’t forget that watching Anime, playing video games and so on also enters since I see as getting information to use it on my blog. In fact, I will be writing a post about this in the future (well, when this comes out probably the post is out there already), but all comes to time management and giving the 120%. I never stop basically, instead of lunching in one hour I do it in half and the rest is past writing a post or reading other people’s content, I watch Anime while ironing, I see Saturdays as a Work Day, although it’s for blogging, so yeah, time management and giving it your all is my way to have time for blogging.

What I Learned #6 – Interaction

Interaction is really important If you are a blogger. Yeah, it will help your blog to grow and everything, but there is something way more important than this. You will make friends period. You will have people who are there for you when you think in giving up, people that you will laugh your ass off while talking with each other, In WordPress, Social Media, or even private messaging. The Anime blogging community (at least I WP) is one of the best I’ve ever seen and not going to lie that in days that I’m not that happy with the posts I’ve wrote or with the results I’ve got, there is ALWAYS a comment that makes me smile, makes my day and makes me thing that everything is worth it!

Some links to Arthifis’ blog if you haven’t already checked it out:

Again, a massive thank you to Arthifis for their contribution to this year’s anniversary. I really appreciate the time they took and I hope that with everyone sharing their views and advice this week on the topics that some of this helps other readers who are struggling with the same questions.

Once again, if you’ve missed any posts this week, or want to check out last year’s anniversary posts, use the category anniversary and you should find all of them.

Thanks for reading.

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    1. Thank you. The anniversary week was really fun. I’m still a little sad I wasn’t online for the real anniversary this year but I’m glad you and everyone else helped me celebrate.

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