Anniversary Follower Feature: Raistlin0903


As part of my 1 year anniversary, I’m running a series of posts on some of my amazing followers who have volunteered to be a part of the celebration. I often say this in my monthly reflections, but without the followers and the wonderful bloggers I’ve met since starting this blog, 100 Word Anime wouldn’t still be around so I really wanted to do something during this week to highlight the amazing people who have really made blogging a rewarding experience.

Follower Feature: Raistlin0903


Raistlin0903 is another blogger who I owe a lot to given the ongoing support he gives my blog. He’s one of my very regular visitors and commenters and I’ve had a great time over the past year discussing anime and various films with him (and it turns out we’ve both got a weird liking for films that others might consider to be b grade). Raistlin reviews anime, board games, movies and a range of other things.

What is particularly great is the sheer range of material Raistlin covers and I’ve got quite a few international movie titles now on my list to check out as well as some older films and TV shows I may have missed when I was younger. If you haven’t checked out Raistlin’s blog before here are some posts to get you started: Lethal Weapon, Erased, and Coppelion.

If you’ve never checked out Raistlin’s blog, definitely hop on over and spend some time checking out his reviews (his site actual has a really nice menu system which makes finding older posts in the category you want nice and simple).

I asked participants to give me a quick 100 words about what they like about anime or my blog. Raistlin0903 said:
“When I saw that Karandi had reached 1000 followers I could not help but smile. I have been following her blog since I started blogging myself. She has managed to rekindle my interest in anime through her great and insightful reviews. It is only fitting now that she has achieved this milestone. She always has a kind thing to say in replies, and besides reviews has great feature posts (most recently man vs…), which are a delight to read. I hope her blog will continue for many years. I will keep following it, which will hopefully be another 100 (word anime) years”.

Thanks Raistlin0903 for participating in the anniversary and thanks for your ongoing support for 100 Word Anime. Looking forward to sharing thoughts with you for another year on anime, movies, and whatever else comes up.

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14 thoughts on “Anniversary Follower Feature: Raistlin0903

  1. He’s a friendly guy! I’m always so amazed with the breadth of the material he reviews.

    I think he and I were following you for months until we decided to check out each other’s blog haha.

    1. He does cover an incredible range of material and there’s always something fun to find on his blog. Glad you guys found each other’s blogs.

  2. Like Matt, I also noticed Raistlin because of his comments on this blog. He’s an amazing blogger and very, very friendly. Interacting with him via comments is always a fun experience. His blog and its variety is nothing short if impressive as well.

  3. Raistlin! I’m always happy to see your name pop up in the comment section. It has been so amazing getting to know you and talking anime and movies with you. Also, love that we are watching episodes as a group because it’s almost like a little viewing club. Never stop writing and never change because you are completely awesome.

    1. Aww, you do know you are making me blush with these words right? 😊 Thank you very much for these amazing kind words. Really enjoy watching episodes as a group as well. It is very cool to just talk about it after seeing an episode and hear?read what everybody thought of it. And just so you know: you and Weekend Otaku are both awesome as well 😀

  4. One of the things that happens when I read a post like this, is that I get very shy 😊 Thank you so much for this incredibly kind post, and these wonderful words. I feel exactly the same. One of the best things about blogging is meeting all kinds of wonderful people like yourself. It has truly been a blast reading your posts, and exchanging thoughts on them, and I hope we can continue doing that for a lot more years to come. Once again my thanks, and keep enjoying your anniversary: you deserve it 😊

  5. I actually stumbled across Raistlin through your blog. Seeing the name of one of my favourite Dragonlance characters was enough to make me check the blog out 🙂

    1. Thank you 😀 Raistlin has been, and always shall be, my absolute favorite alltime bookcharacter, and I have yet to read a novel that changes this. Great to see another fan 😀

        1. Yes, Tasslehoff is wonderful as well…but then again the entire babe of Companions, always felt a bit like family to me, as strange as this might sound 😊

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