Anniversary Follower Feature: Kapodaco


As part of my 1 year anniversary, I’m running a series of posts on some of my amazing followers who have volunteered to be a part of the celebration. I often say this in my monthly reflections, but without the followers and the wonderful bloggers I’ve met since starting this blog, 100 Word Anime wouldn’t still be around so I really wanted to do something during this week to highlight the amazing people who have really made blogging a rewarding experience.

Follower Feature: Kapodaco


Kapodaco is an amazing blogger and I’m so happy that they continue to follow my blog. Their blog, Criticism and Thoughts, consistently provides some really interesting insights into anime and movies and their comments on my own posts are always appreciated. What I love is the Kapodaco is incredibly honest in their opinion of both anime and my posts and I trust that when I’ve dropped the ball they will tell me, in the most supportive way. I’m really glad Kapodaco volunteered to be a part of my anniversary as they have been a great supporter of my blog and I’ve really enjoyed discussing anime with them.

Anyway, if you have never checked out Criticism and Thoughts you really should jump on over there and do so, because it is an amazing blog. Great content and a wide variety, regularly updated, with well written and insightful posts where Kapodaco makes their views heard and supports those views well. A few example posts you could check out include: Updated Thoughts on Another, Wolf Children, and Early Impressions Sakura Quest. That said, there are heaps of other great posts to check out.

I asked participants to give me a quick 100 words about what they like about anime or my blog. Kapodaco said:

“Karandi has a dedication to her work that I haven’t seen within the aniblogging community. Her almost obscene work ethic is outshined only by the quality she puts into each post, whether episodic reviews, overall reviews, or discussion posts that range from a wide variety of topics. A knack for both serious criticism and lenient enthusiasm, Karandi’s work gives something for everyone, even an occasional post outside the topic of anime. She’s come a long way in the last year and I’m glad to have followed her. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the next six years or so.”

Thanks Kapodaco for participating in the anniversary and for supporting 100 Word Anime.  I really do hope you are still following in six years and I kind of hope I haven’t grown tired of either blogging or anime.

That actually wraps up this series of follower features but I’d like to thank all the participants as well as the readers who have joined me this week in celebrating my blog’s anniversary. Just one more ‘What I Learned’ post to go and the anniversary week is done.

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