Anniversary Follower Feature: Aldael


As part of my 1 year anniversary, I’m running a series of posts on some of my amazing followers who have volunteered to be a part of the celebration. I often say this in my monthly reflections, but without the followers and the wonderful bloggers I’ve met since starting this blog, 100 Word Anime wouldn’t still be around so I really wanted to do something during this week to highlight the amazing people who have really made blogging a rewarding experience.

Follower Feature: Aldael


Aldael runs a great blog called Aldael’s Attic and while they post a range of content, their weekly Musings and Reflections are fantastic fun to read as Aldael takes us through what they’ve watched and their thoughts on the seasonal shows. If you’ve never come across one of these posts I’d recommend checking out their End of Winter 2017 post. It’s great how Aldael’s voice and opinion comes through as they succinctly discuss a range of anime.

Throughout most of my time as a blogger Aldael has been a regular commenter and supporter on my blog (as a side note I think Aldael’s Attick had its one year anniversary about a month before 100 Word Anime). It’s been great getting to know their tastes and sharing ideas about anime. I was very happy when Aldael sent me their write up for the anniversary special. For more to check out than just the musings and reflections, Aldael recommends: Flying Witch – The Brilliance of Slice of Life and Scattered Thoughts – Nijigahara Holograph, Haruki Murakami and the Appeal of Inio Asano.

I asked participants to give me a quick 100 words about what they like about anime or my blog. Aldael said:

Anime is cool. Why? Endless storytelling possibilities, extremely flexible visuals and themes to suit everyone’s needs. It’s cool for it lead me to this blog, too. And Karandi is also very cool. Why? I’ve no idea how one can be so productive – I haven’t seen anyone else who would be able to participate so actively in the blogging community as well as unceasingly provide content that’s amazingly varied, always on time and always to the point. I’m very happy to be in the same community. Congratulations on the anniversary and please keep on – you’re one of the kind!

Thanks Aldael for participating in the anniversary and for supporting 100 Word Anime.  It is definitely the readers that keep this blog going.

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7 thoughts on “Anniversary Follower Feature: Aldael

  1. This is the first time this week, that I have come across a blog that I did not know. So I immediately subscribed to it. Haven’t yet had a chance to explore the blog, but my first impression after a quick browse through the contents, is that it looks really cool 😊

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to get featured! I’m very delighted that you find enjoyment in my posts. I just hope to get better in writing and also in getting in touch with the community more, and that’s a thing I can definitely learn from you. Let’s keep working to have many cheerful anniversaries!

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