Anne Happy Episode 1

Continuing to check out previously overlooked Spring anime I have now watched episode 1 of Anne Happy.


A bunch of girls start high school to be told they are unfortunate and that their assignment is to find happiness.


Ten minutes in to this I was ready to call it. The humour wasn’t hitting the right spot and to be honest I just found the Hibari and Honoka (Honako?) irritating. Then they started class and during that scene at least, when the teacher was speaking and other class mates were engaged, I was kind of interested. Then we ended with a walk home from school and the three main girls getting the giggles. I’m pretty sure this show isn’t for me but it is really pretty and flows along nicely. I may give this another episode or two but to be honest, I’ll probably just move on.


3 thoughts on “Anne Happy Episode 1

  1. I do enjoy these kind of all-girl shows, but the humor was usually not on-point for me, either. The colorfulness was nice (I think the studio did Baka-Test, after all) and the gags does pick up slightly as the situations escalate like what Ausaris said. However that requires a time investment that could be better spent on other shows.

    Speaking as someone who ended up stopping at episode 4 for several weeks and then picking it up again and marathoning it, I think Anne Happy doesn’t really do anything new.

  2. It’s definitely a strange show. For me it seemed to get sillier and the events got more obscenely over-the-top as I moved through the episodes, but I decided not to drop it and ended up enjoying it. Then again, I like things that are ridiculously cute like this, so our tastes may be quite different on these types of shows and the type of comedy it uses.

    I’d say give it ’til episode 3 and see what you think; I did find it got better, just took a long time to set itself up before it settled into it’s actual pace.

    1. I was going to check out one or two more of this series, but now I’ve been distracted by all the new releases. Will think about returning to it eventually.

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