5 Anime Uniforms That I Adore

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Anime uniforms always looks so super cute and always leave me wondering why were none of my school uniforms ever that adorable.

I’m thinking most of you have never had the misfortune of going to a school in Queensland and wearing what are arguably some of the worst school uniforms in existence. Mostly because most schools go for cheap and affordable with easy substitutions and rather than actually looking in any way respectable, most uniforms end up looking like everyone just decided to throw the same black or maroon shorts on and a polo shirt and off they went (yes there are some schools, particularly private ones, that do in fact have decent uniforms, but they are not the majority).

Which probably explains why I became fascinated by anime uniforms because they always look totally adorable and like something I would have loved to wear day in day out (maybe if I’d actually been asked to I’d feel differently). Not to mention, if the anime standard skirt length is in any way reflective of reality we’d have an issue.

So the end of this long preamble is that here is my list of top 5 anime uniforms that I would personally have wanted to wear. With that said, I’d love to know which uniforms have caught your eye in anime.

So what are my favourite anime uniforms?

Number 5: Sword Art Online

SAO - Uniforms.jpg

Seriously, look at how cute those uniforms are. Firstly there’s the colour scheme with the fairly dark and plain colour with white accents and gold buttons and emblem. It is fantastic. Not too flashy, but quite flattering to most people. I also love the blue cross pattern on the collar giving it just that little bit extra and the red ties/bows just finish off the look. I know you can’t see it in the image, but Asuna pairs hers with white stockings and black shoes and to be honest looks fabulous. I would have loved this kind of uniform at school.

Number 4: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia - Uniforms.jpg

Once again I like the reasonably plain grey colour with the green trims and gold buttons. It has the look of a uniform without being too plain and the colour is reasonably suitable for most people. The red tie again makes a nice contrast and I like that Uraraka gets to wear a tie as well and not a bow or ribbon as many female uniforms do. My Hero Academia looks pretty classy with this uniform, but we tend to spend more time watching the kids in their sports uniforms rather than this one.

Number 3: Code Geass

Code Geass - Uniforms.jpg

Okay, if I’m practical and brutally honest, I probably wouldn’t wear this uniform given the short skirt length for the girls, but still, look at how adorable that is. The yellow and green contrast really nicely, the belt gives it some great shaping, and all and all it just looks really adorable. The male uniform is definitely the nicer of the two, though that’s probably just my preference for both the colour and the fact that they are wearing long pants.

Number 2: Vampire Knight – Day Class

Vampire Knight - Uniforms.jpg

Super, super, super cute. While I didn’t love Vampire Knight as a show (certainly enjoyed it and enjoy making fun of it), the uniforms at Cross Academy are to die for (or at least the day class is). The super cute black blazer with white accents, the red bow, the knee socks, everything about this uniform is adorable and there are so many little details to it. A friend of mine cosplayed as Yuki at one point and ordered a costume and the sheer amount of detail on that uniform is just crazy. Absolutely love it and would love it to be a real uniform.

Number 1: Inu X Boku SS

Inu x Boku - Uniform.jpg

While I know for an absolute fact I could never wear this uniform, both because of the short skirt and because I just lack the shape to really pull it off, I totally fell in love with this look when watching the anime. I really relate to Ririchiyo’s character and this uniform is kind of superb. It’s like if there was a fantasy version of me going to a fantasy school, this would be the uniform I’d want that version of me to get to wear. The colour scheme, those shoes, the style, it is absolutely divine and I love it.

Okay, now that I’ve admitted I have no actual taste, what anime uniforms out there have you fallen in love with?

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Karandi James

30 thoughts on “5 Anime Uniforms That I Adore

  1. Oh gosh, the Vampire Knight uniforms are to die for! I remember I wanted to cosplay a Day Class student once upon a time, but the price to buy a costume on ebay was waay too high for my 15 year old self. I really like the topic of this list though, especially as uniforms are so culturally prominent in anime!

    1. I know, some of those costume prices are out there (though some great work being done with some of them). If I had any talent at sewing I could have a go at making my own outfit, but given even putting a button back on results in some serious foul language I don’t think I’m going to attempt that any time soon.

  2. I still love Vampire Knight’s school uniforms. Never would those be ACTUALLY worn, but it’s fun to see the cosplays people wear of them. I never gave too much thought to school uniforms so now… I have to go back and think about them some more lol.

    1. I know, finding a school that had a uniform as cool as the one in Vampire Knight would be pretty difficult, but it is a great look. My friend looked fantastic in her cosplay as well.

  3. Vampire Knight and SAO’s uniforms also really stood out to me. And your #1 is great too! There’s definitely a trend here…I guess I just like black uniforms with white lines on them~

    1. I think I noticed that trend a bit myself when I was looking at the list. But at least most people could wear it without the colour making them look hideous.

  4. Heh, Queensland school uniforms are indeed the worst. Was thinking of doing something similar but I think my choices would be, uh… more… um… no I’ll stop there. Great list!

    1. I think I can imagine quite a number of your choices and I’m sure it would be a visually interesting post.
      But yeah, kind of impossible to do nice school uniforms in QLD. Anything formal would kill most kids in summer.

  5. People can say what hey want about Sword Art, but those uniforms are pretty sharp. Along with the black style, I like the Guilty Crown uniforms too. Eva’s also classic. And Geass, yaasss. Personally, I wouldn’t mind wearing more seaside inspired attires, like those of From the New World or A Lull in the Sea.

  6. I like the infinitely customizable uniforms from Nozaki-Kun which immediately ruins the point of wearing them, but that’s the kind of person I am.

    1. I was thinking about Soul Eater because I love Maka’s version of the uniform, but given the many, many variations it really didn’t seem ‘uniform’ enough.

  7. I actually hate the UA school uniforms. I adore the Vampire Knight uniforms though! My personal favourite school uniforms have always been the Ouran ones. Giant lemon-y yellow dresses yes please.

    1. Lemon-yellow dresses just seem so impractical and there are so many people who just can’t wear that colour. I think I like the UA one because it is simple and just looks like a uniform.

  8. Lol : “ Okay, now that I’ve admitted I have no actual taste,“ that was so funny 😂😂 Well, I have literally no taste (one of the things I really hate is going out shopping for clothes) so I would be hardpressed to even think about a school uniform that stuck with me. But…If I would have to pick one, I would go with the green uniforms from Orange (see…told you I did not have any taste 😂).

    1. I don’t think you are alone in that pick. The uniforms in Orange came up a lot while I was looking through images of anime uniforms online to make my short list and remind myself of some of the details. I’m going to be honest, I can’t stand green.

      1. Haha..no worries about that: it’s the one that instantly came up in my mind after reading your post. But as I said I have no taste, so totally disregard my choice lol 😂😂

  9. Euph’s winter uniform for the girls… I love that gold-against-brown. Also, one of the few anime to make the fact that there are summer and winter uniforms a plot point.

    FWIW, for the band club, the winter uniform is the “formal” uniform. The same is true for the US Navy.

    1. It is nice when something like that is more than just background (the summer and winter uniforms). Thanks for sharing your pick.

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