Here you will find the last 100 full anime series I reviewed. If you are looking for something older, try a search of the blog.


10 thoughts on “Anime Series Reviews by 100 Word Anime

  1. howdy, here is your secret stalker. i just followed your blog not so long, but i already addicted to your reviews. and i want to try leave a comment.
    you know what i really like about you? you can just point out what you like, or dislike, so it’s easy to relate to, whether i liked the same parts or not. i find grading a bit … weird i know… I stopped reading the anime news network episodic reviews because of yours. they sometimes went on how a specific episode is so good, and at the end you gave it a low score … so it’s just not always consistent with what was written (at least in my opinion).
    so my friend, keep writing, and i will keep being a stalker to your blog. peace! 😀

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        1. I find the follower count a little bit misleading though. Some people click follow just to get you to go to their blog and they never actually visit your site again.


  2. You’ve really burned the candle at both ends, haven’t you? Much respect. My review count is still somewhere in the eighties.

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