Anime-Gataris Episode 9: There’s a Fine Line and This Just Jumped Right Over It



I’m not the biggest fan of comedy in the first place, but the first couple of episodes of this show were pretty funny. However, heading in to episode 9 and off the back of a couple of fairly flat episodes, we see the show trying to capture some of the energy it had earlier in the season with a severe mis-fire (at least for me).


What was funny early on in the season was the characters were so recognisable as fans of anime or light novels. They were passionate and over the top enthused, but you could relate to them and the excitement they felt in getting to discuss that passion with others. The exaggerated elements of the show were there, but they made enough sense within the context.


Now however we have the sports clubs actively copying anime techniques rather than actually training for their sport with some incredibly stupid results. This isn’t funny because it requires you to believe that every single high school student, their coaches and supervisors, jettisoned their brains after watching a single anime series and they’ve just copied what they’ve seen on TV as if it some kind of bible.


Then we get the so often repeated threat of club shut down that even the club doesn’t care but finally there’s a twist. This time the principal is involved and there is a traitor in the group (and just so you know, it is the character that has legitimately served no other purpose in the story thus far so guess who it is).

So yeah, not funny humour and incredibly lame plot developments… this one is heading down my watch list fast and I’m just kind of hoping it remains watchable until the end of the season at this point.

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9 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris Episode 9: There’s a Fine Line and This Just Jumped Right Over It

  1. I thought this was better than the last few episodes, but this one was a bit of a mess. It doesn’t make sense for athletes to do things like this, so I’m wondering if this is the reason why the anime club has to be closed because the students and facility start to lose brain cells whenever it’s around.

    This could also tie into the missing hat that was referenced way back in episode one.

  2. I agree with you! I have actually been loving this series (I’m a big fan of comedy though) but this episode just had me looking questionably at my computer for 20 minutes. It wasn’t funny or clever and really disappointed me which is a real shame and then that “shocker” at the end just downright irritated me because it just seem to come in out of no where 😑 let’s just hope it picks up a bit!

    1. Yes, here is hoping it manages to recover for the ending though that hope is getting a little thinner each episode for me at the moment.

  3. Um… were you peeking over my shoulder when I was writing my review yesterday?

    Just kidding of course, mine doesn’t get published until later today, but it does say many of the same things. Great minds and all that? 🙂 🙂

    1. It is a shame. I really thought I’d found a comedy to like this season and then it is as though they ran out of actual decent material three episodes in.

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