Anime-Gataris Episode 7: They’re Going To Shut Down The Club, Again?



While conceptually I understand that this show is parodying many other anime, and the overused club getting shut down conflict is worth poking fun at, this is getting ridiculous. It was kind of the reason I didn’t watch Food Wars this season because the whole getting expelled or equally ridiculous consequence of cook offs kind of wore out its welcome as a source of conflict for me and I ceased to care whether the entire school burnt down.


The challenge this time is to have a good showing at the school festival but just an anime screening isn’t enough. Suckers for punishment and Minoa’s infectious enthusiasm, our favourite anime club decide to make an anime (short). What could possibly go wrong with that?


Oddly enough, most of the episode is smooth sailing once they agree on a concept and script and they do a decent job of outlining the production process. Of course, the student council can’t let sleeping dogs lie and the episode ends with yet another near catastrophe facing the club. I somehow doubt this one will be anymore exciting than the previous challenges. However, much like episode 5, I found this episode wasn’t quite as charming as others. It does the job but it more just watchable than actually entertaining in its own right.

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5 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris Episode 7: They’re Going To Shut Down The Club, Again?

  1. I enjoy that there is someone else out there gunning through these shows that might or might not go absolutely horrible and be a waste of time. This trope is definitely wearing itself out and one of the only reasons why I’m still putting up with it is because they have moments of absolute absurdity like Kaikai actually blowing up a classroom, and because the show seems self aware that they are doing what they are doing and I don’t think anyone who values their career would CONSCIOUSLY drive the train off the tracks into a mountain.

    1. Let’s hope so because there are some really great moments and some of the conversations have been insightful or hilarious. However, overall, the last few episodes of this have been decidely flat.

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