Anime-Gataris Episode 6: I Lost Count, But This Was Fun



I have no idea how many references they packed into that episode but they were coming thick and fast and they were fantastic. Shout out to the Ore Monogatari and Steins;Gate references that both got shoved in to the same scene and somehow made perfect sense. Yet if there were any surer sign that this show gets its audience it would be this moment:


Every single audience member had to relate to that trauma of realising there was no way to watch a current episode (or any episode given they had no TV).

I will point out that for an episode that was kind of Kaikai’s, Minoa did a good job of stealing the final act of it. I felt a little bad for Kaikai by the mid-way point. He’s been one of my favourites from the group from the beginning and there were so many moments this episode where I just felt like he had the perfect reaction to a sequence of events.


Also his unnecessary narration of an encounter was pretty hilarious.


All and all, I had a great time this episode, which was a relief after the flatness experienced in episode 5. This, while ultimately not really moving the plot along in any meaningful way, did do some great work with the characters and returned to the fun of just showing us that it really does get the audience. Of course, it also has god-rays, bath sequences, and the usual girl drooling over boy on boy couple so it kind of understands the anime medium pretty well and is accepting a wide range of elements from it into its commentary.

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