Anime-Gataris Episode 5: Not Even This Show Managed To Make Waiting In Line Interesting



Anime-Gataris has managed to make the usual high school club comedy fairly appealing so far with a cast of relatable characters discussing a topic that pretty much every anime fan can get behind (anime). The conversations have been high energy and overall the show has been fun. Then we get to episode 5.


While there is nothing actually wrong with this episode as the club introduce Minoa to the wonders of an anime convention (the anime convention) what I have to wonder is where this show’s energy went for the week. While there are a few touching moments and enough moments where the characters speak directly for any fan who has ever been to a convention for the relatability to remain, the overall feeling I got from this episode was ‘meh’.


And thinking back, the problem is that there is no problem. They go, they deal with the convention and the lines and all the usual things and then they go home. There isn’t even a contrived drama to be found in this week’s episode. So with no issue or conflict, there’s just the club going to an event. I kind of thought they’d do something with Minoa’s father given he probably went to the convention but that plot thread just seemed to go nowhere and nothing else really happened.


Kind of hoping next week picks back up because I’ve really enjoyed this show so far.

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9 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris Episode 5: Not Even This Show Managed To Make Waiting In Line Interesting

  1. If we saw Minoa’s father at the convention and he somehow comes into contact with Minoa, then I think the episode would have been a lot better. For an anime convention episode, I thought we’d see more people in cosplay but we didn’t get much of that either.

    Hopefully things go back to normal for then next episode.

    1. It just didn’t do a lot with the possibilities this week. It was a nice reflection of people visiting cons but that’s about all it managed to do.

  2. Regarding Minoa’s father, it’s funny that they’re hinting that he’s possibly an extreme otaku, but I definitely agree that they should’ve done something with him at this point. We’ve seen him a good amount of times being curious about Minoa’s shenanigans that they might be stretching that comedic bit a little too long.

  3. Or maybe… It’s intentional? I kinda hoped that it is, because…

    Anime is surely known for lightening things up but it seemed like this one is not holding back when showing how mentally draining Comiket can be.

      1. I’d agree that it’s probably intentional. Haven’t seen the episode yet, but that does sound like an anime convention. Fun all the way up until you’re in line after line surrounded by people who forget to shower…

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