Anime-Gataris Episode 4: There Was Supposed to Be A Ka-Boom



While I enjoyed this episode, it wasn’t quite as interesting as the title suggested it might be with the promised club explosion occurring just as a very minor and peripheral point to the actual story this episode. Meanwhile, as much fun as the reference game has been, including this awesome visual nod to Evangelion:


I think this episode kind of needed to move on beyond just hinting at darker things to come and to start getting there. The whole student council tries to shut down the club thing had already been done and seemed pretty trivial the first time so a rehash over something as stupid as misusing club funds (and why is the purchasing process lax enough to allow tha sort of reckless spending in the first place) it all just seemed a little too contrived and pointless (even more so than the previous three episodes).


Attempts to humanize the student council president were mostly wasted and her handing the torch onto some mysterious person on the phone which may lead to bigger issues for the anime club might have been intriguing if they’d given us any kind of reason to care that the anime club exists. Basically the two separate storylines of self-aware anime club discussing anime (much like the final episode of Gamers where they sit around and discuss DLC) and then some darker plot that at this stage doesn’t have legs to stand on and is kind of distracting from the fun of the other.


Still, it isn’t as though this episode wasn’t fun. The scenes with the club members are fantastic and I love it when they all get super into their discussions. I’d just kind of like the other story to either get moving and do something or stop distracting me from the part of the show I really like.

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