Anime-Gataris Episode 3: No Chance of Dropping At Episode 3



This is just such a fun show. Admittedly, a lot of the fun is in the over the top referencing but even the characters are starting to flesh out and (reflecting the very nature of anime shows they are discussing this week) they are starting to really feel like a group with the dialogue flowing far more naturally between them. Of course, a large chunk of time is spent this episode on dealing with the club losing its room and then maybe getting shut down. As usual, the supervisor is unhelpful (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a useful club supervisor outside of Haikyuu).


Though that doesn’t stop the group from taking a trip to Akihabara and sightseeing leading to the proposal that maybe they could be an out of school group (firmly rejected with yet more references as supporting arguments). Still, we did get a nice cosplaying conversation in this section.


Finally we get to the speech where the anime club get to make their case for existing and Minoa chokes (though that is probably because the script she’s been given is rubbish from delusional rich girl), and so Kai comes to her rescue. He unleashes his secret power (by removing his glasses) and delivers an awesome appeal, right before he trips over due to not being able to see after removing his glasses.


It is a great episode with a lot of fun to be had and these characters are becoming more than just one note as we learn more about them. Looking forward to next week. I was promised an explosion in the club room so I hope they weren’t being metaphorical.

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7 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris Episode 3: No Chance of Dropping At Episode 3

  1. I wasn’t expecting much from this, but I find myself smiling while watching it. Even though the synopsis and title make it seem like it’s going to be super meta, it’s surprisingly down to earth. I may not be a hardcore anime fan, but it’s still relateable and fun to watch.

    1. Yeah, it hasn’t really tried to be overly deep or anything else. It just feels like real fans having real conversations for the most part and it is really quite fun so far.

    1. The more time I spend with these characters, the more I love them. Hopefully they don’t run this into the ground by the end of the season and continue to deliver good fun.

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