Anime-Gataris Episode 11: Let’s Make Random Happen



Anime-Gataris has increasingly become the show this season that I have to wonder why I am still watching it. The first couple of episodes were great fun but since then it has become a bit of a chore to watch and episode 11 decided to throw any chance of recovery out the window. The show has always been a little bit self-aware and has continuously played on the tropes of a myriad of other anime but this episode decided to go just all too far down that rabbit hole with anime essentially taking over the ‘real’ world of the story.


While this does lead to some interesting visual humour at times and the occasionally funny line, as an overall narrative it is just nonsense and while the talking cat most definitely foreshadowed some of these developments it is just too sharp a curve for the series to take this far along.


Overall I would have to say this was a somewhat unsatisfying episode to watch and I’m not convinced I’ll be impressed with the conclusion but this far along it would be sillier to drop it.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris Episode 11: Let’s Make Random Happen

  1. I laughed a few times and at the end of the episode sat there wondering what happened in the episode. I’ll admit I am curious to see the ending now but the second half of the show has certainly adjusted where I would rank this series. I wonder why they felt the need to make this as wacky as it became. They had a great premise and start, all they needed to do was to stick with it and the show would have been amazing. While I don’t regret watching it as I have gotten entertainment from it, this one could have been so much better. Maybe the ending will change my mind- will have to wait to find out.

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