Anime-Gataris Episode 10: It’s the Power of Friendship/Teamwork/Plot Convenience



While this episode certainly did better than last week in that it delivered some actual plot progression and a nice simple problem to solve (Principal’s door is locked and we need a code to unlock it), there’s still plenty to wonder about how the show got to this place. More specifically, why they felt the need to have a traitor in the club who is clearly continuing to play both sides. I’m just not sure what this adds as it isn’t particularly clever or funny and it just seems kind of dumb.


The other question I had this episode came up during the opening when the entire opening theme was filled with Minoa’s friend, Obata. Other than fan servicey type shots of her doing high jump or stretching, I haven’t really figured out why her character even exists in the show, so I’m stumped as to why we needed her face grinning at us through the opening this week or what relevance that has to anything.


And possibly both of these concerns will be cleared up before the end and I’ll see it was well thought out and purposeful all along. And then again, maybe not. Still, you have to give Minoa credit for staying true to her passion.


Definitely a better episode than what we’ve been getting but this series has left it a little late to really turn itself around so all I’m hoping for is a decent ending.

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4 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris Episode 10: It’s the Power of Friendship/Teamwork/Plot Convenience

  1. It seems like it’s on the road to improvement, but I already gave up.

    Obata has always seemed rather unnecessary. I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll remain an one-note side character to the very end.

    1. It is nearly done now so I’d like it if it could end on a high note. Still won’t make it a good series overall given the middle just kind of fell flat, but at least it will make it feel like there was some fun to be had beyond the first couple of episodes.

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