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You never know what the week has in store for you until you get to watching it. Second and third episodes came out this week and some really picked up my interest in the various anime, while others kind of made me wonder if I was really signing up for them or not. I did kind of put a reviewing schedule together which can be found here but there are definitely going to be some mid-season drops because my watch list is crazy.

Next week is my anniversary celebration (okay, the anniversary is the week after but I won’t be around much that week) and I’ve got some great posts to share so be sure to check in from Tuesday and join in the celebration. The schedule is available here. In the meantime, I’d love to know how your week went with watching anime so please leave me a comment below.

What I watched

3D Kanojo: Real Girl (Episode 3)


Actually, I enjoyed this third episode far more than the second episode and I’m still interested enough in these characters to want to keep watching. Certainly this anime has some very rough edges but there’s an odd kind of enjoyment from watching it.

Caligula (Episode 2 – No review published)

I kind of liked this second episode even if I felt it ended up being a little too predictable by the time we got to the big reveal for the characters at the end of the episode. Not to mention, the more times I hear the excuse that they have to find out for themselves as a reason to not provide an explanation, the sillier the whole thing seems. Still, I did enjoy this and while I’m not reviewing it at the moment, I’m going to keep watching for a bit.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episode 14)


Well, I don’t know if I’d say this got anymore serious, but it certainly kicked the magic and excitement up a notch for the episode. Really enjoyed this week’s episode of Cardcaptor, and I swear it wasn’t all Syaoran’s doing.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss (Episode 2)


While I get that I probably won’t be singing this show’s praises in a few weeks, these opening episodes have definitely gotten some laughs out of me and while the villains remain as inept as ever, there’s something very satisfying about the heroes this time around and their general apathy.

Darling in the Franxx (Episode 14- Reviewed for patrons)


Well, they kicked the teen drama up to maximum. The rest of the plot is still just kind of waiting for development, but with the emotional state everyone is in, I’m guessing next week is going to be a bit of a disaster in the making.

Devils’ Line (Episode 2)


I’m not even going to try to justify the logic of the characters in this anime, or the storyline so far. Basically if you like vampire stories that feature romance in some fashion and you don’t want to think too hard about it, you might like this if you can get over the bad visuals. Everyone else would do well to avoid.

Doreiku The Animation (Episode 1)


Psychological drama that might (big question mark on the might) end up having something to say, I’m definitely in for now as this had a pretty intriguing start. Still, not for those who are likely to be triggered by pretty much anything that might happen when you start throwing around slavery and a loss of personal control.

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory (Episode 1)


What can I say? It is Sousuke and Chidori back again and straight away dropped into conflict. Pretty much if you are already a fan of this franchise, this is going to be like slipping back into a comfortable pair of shoes that are well worn but make you feel great. Newcomers probably not finding much to enjoy here, like someone just gave you an old pair of shoes.

GeGeGe No Kitaro (Episode 3)


Clearly Mana isn’t going anywhere as she’s forced her friendship upon Kitaro and that’s probably a good thing given she’s actually a pretty interesting character. While this anime is still kind of lacking any kind of major impact, it is certainly fun pop corn viewing if you happen to like family style horror.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi (Episode 3)


Okay, this is settling into watchable but not great territory. If you really love supernatural romances featuring Japanese yokai, that may be enough to keep you engaged, but there are probably other anime that you could be checking out this season. Still, it isn’t a train wreck and there are some nice moments sprinkled here and there.

This one will be reviewed for patrons only for the season from now on.

Libra of Nil Admirari (Episode 2 – No review published)

Slightly better second episode but decidedly average historical harem anime. I’m going to keep watching because I’m kind of curious but there’s little to either recommend or to tear apart in this so far as it is treading pretty safe ground without actually being overly interesting.

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS (Episode 2)


Okay, I’m now pretty hyped for this season. Episode 1 got my hopes up but episode 2 has confirmed that I am definitely interested in seeing where WIXOSS has decided to go this season. Everything that we’ve seen is coming together and yet also being turned slightly on its head and the end result is a fairly interesting watch so far.

My Hero Academia Season 3 (Episode 2)


A much more dynamic and interesting episode. We see villains plotting, get to watch all the kids in action, set up a new goal (getting provisional permission to use their powers), and get some more inter-class rivalry. This was a fun episode and I kind of wonder why we couldn’t have just started with this. Be sure to check out Kapodaco’s and my review.

Record of Grancrest War (Episode 14)


Usually when a story focuses on the protagonist’s back story and motivation it gives it a bit of time and attention. Not Grancrest. Two episodes and Theo has succeeded at liberating his homeland. If only everything was that easy. This anime continues to be a bit of a mess in terms of plot, pacing, and characters, and well, everything else as well even if the second half is so far better than the first.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori (Episode 2)


This one is just bliss to watch. There’s a kind of story underlying it but really, I just want to keep visiting this cafe each week and relax. Please let it keep doing what it is doing.

Space Battleship Tiramisu (Episode 3)


I kind of liked this third episode. It is still kind of one joke with variations, but the variations were interesting enough and it is all amusing enough given the short run time.

Spiritpact: Bond of the Underworld (Episode 8)


The anime has definitely developed into a fairly strong supernatural romantic drama. Really didn’t see that coming when I first started watching it. But I actually find myself incredibly invested in the relationship between the leads and this episode just made me so happy and yet I really want to see what happens next.

Steins;Gate 0 (Episode 2)


I’m not loving this, but I’m also not disliking it. So far I’m finding it interesting but not the amazing viewing experience of the original. I’d very much like to be more invested in it as there are certainly some points of interest, but I’m not there yet.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Episode 2)


Really not appealing much to me at this point. It is nice enough but I’m not into guns and so far the main character and plot haven’t done enough to really make me interested. I’ll give it another episode or two but really there hasn’t been much for me at this point.

Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love (Episode 2)


Certainly nothing amazing to be seen here as we’re going a fairly standard path with student transferring in and school club silliness, but you have to appreciate it when it is done well. While not original, this manages to make itself entertaining enough so I’ll keep going with this and see what it does.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Episode 3)


Yep, regretting curiosity on this one. I’m curious enough that I’m going to keep watching but episode 3 is kind of a dull set-up for a conflict I’m not sure I care about. I won’t drop, but I’m not impressed.

Episode of the Week

Okay, I understand this is stupid, but it is just impossible not to laugh at a green platypus sitting on a throne telling his sons (a Chihuahua and an otter) that they need to prove they are fit to rule.

Character of the Week

No doubt about it, Syaoran shone this week as he shows us just how hard he’s been working in order to help Sakura out when she needs it most.


  • Butlers X Battlers (Episode 1)
  • Comic Girls (Episode 1)
  • Crossing Time (Episode 1)
  • Dances with the Dragons (Episode 2)
  • Golden Kamuy (Episode 1)
  • Gurazeni: Money Pitch (Episode 1)
  • Hinamatsuri (Episode 1)
  • Love To Lie Angle (Episode 1)
  • Magical Girl Ore (Episode 1)
  • Magical Girl Site (Episode 2)
  • MEGALOBOX (Episode 1)
  • My Sweet Tyrant (Episode 1)
  • You Don’t Know Gunma Yet (Episode 1)

Thanks for reading.

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