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And this is the second last post I will make for Spring 2018. Some shows are done, others are wrapping up, and a few have just hit the midway point. I’m going to be honest and admit that I ended up more than a little disappointed with some shows this season, and yet overall there’s still been some fun to be had this season. Still, I’m looking forward to the Summer season of anime and hopefully we’ll all find something fun to watch.

In the meantime, if you haven’t voted yet for your favourite and least favourite of the Spring season, please check out the poll here. Be sure to vote and share the link. You have until the end of June to vote and I’m looking forward to seeing what is chosen this season.

What I watched

3D Kanojo: Real Girl (Finished)


Oh how I wish this one had been better but it has finally limped its way to the end of its season and once I finish drafting my series review I will happily forget this ever existed. It isn’t actually that bad, but it really has little to recommend it.

Caligula (Episode 11)


Is there some reason they can’t get people out of Mobius? That would be a good bit of information to know given the mention people don’t recover, but if they are just inside a program surely they can remove them from the program. Some explanation as to why they can’t might at least give us some reason to care whether frantic keyboard bashing is actually worth watching while Ritsu tries to restore the program. But all and all, this anime hasn’t given me much reason to care about the outcome so mostly I’m just waiting for it to finish.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss (Episode 10)


I think this anime may have really run out of content when the best they can offer is a half-hearted attempt at ageing the cast because old people in magical boy costumes is guaranteed to be funny even with poor writing (eye roll). Oh well. Almost done.

Darling in the Franxx (Episode 21 – Reviewed for patrons)


This show just gets more random and less likely to end well by the episode and to be honest I’m only finishing it because I’ve come this far. It isn’t the worst thing ever, but it isn’t exactly good either.

Devils’ Line (Episode 11)


I feel like I should be happy that HiDive seems to think there’s only one more episode of this. I don’t think I can take much more of these characters or this plot. For a series I was looking forward to this season, this one has been kind of crushing disappointment from beginning to end, only it hasn’t ended yet.

Doreiku The Animation (Episode 10)


I’m guessing the sweeping ownership changes of slaves is supposed to be dramatic but this story just doesn’t have the polish to pull it off. Everything is just coming off as silly and random rather than being crafted in any way and there’s just no emotional payoff as character after character makes stupid choices and gets beaten down for it.

Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory (Episode 8)

No episode this week.

GeGeGe No Kitaro (Episode 12)


For a cute family show about yokai, this episode really demonstrates how you can stay fairly family friendly and yet still build excitement and tension into a story. The second part of the story of the Tanuki certainly delivers a thrilling end and also sets up some future plot developments. Really fun watching this week.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi (Episode 12 – Reviewed for Patrons)


Some characters should never wink and Aoi definitely falls into that category. Otherwise, this continues as normal. Aoi makes good food, every yokai likes her food, and none of the yokai ever end up actually being all that bad despite endless build ups of characters perhaps not being good. Still, it remains a pleasant watch if fairly unexciting.

Libra of Nil Admirari (Episode 11)


Cults aren’t as hard to destroy as they used to be and so we’ve got another final villain to face in this story as it continues to scramble to feel like it is more than an excuse for cute girl to hand around various guys and read books. While the overall experience is pleasant enough, I can’t say that this is a particularly good story.

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS (Episode 11)


A fairly solid episode and I’m very much looking forward to the conclusion of this series. I’m just hoping it does conclude. Although, part of me wonders if there’s going to be one final twist or whether we’ve seen the last of the turns and we’re just riding this out to the end. Looking forward to it.

My Hero Academia Season 3 (Episode 11)


I’d be lying if I said that this was anything less than thrilling. Admittedly, it isn’t exactly high brow entertainment as we watch two super humans slug it out with words and then fists, and yet there’s definitely a level of satisfaction that came from watching this. However, what works better is the direction it points to for the remainder of the season and that is potentially very thrilling.

Record of Grancrest War (Episode 23)


I love that this show can randomly throw giant monsters in and at this point I don’t even question it. Of course the mages had a frozen cyclops. It’s what everyone keeps in their storage room for when uninvited guests pop over. Anyway, the fight is on, I’m still betting on Theo dying but that might just be my own personal wish at this point.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori (Episode 10)

Not watched this week. Will do a catch up next week.

Space Battleship Tiramisu (Episode 12)


Other than realising that Subaru was a bit weird even as a kid, this episode served little purpose and the ‘humour’ falls very flat as it is mostly a rehash of older jokes that have probably outstayed their welcome. So unless you really like watching Subaru get disgusted by dirty cockpits, there probably isn’t a lot to enjoy here.

 Steins;Gate 0 (Episode 11)


This felt like a definite mid-season point with a lot of plot points coming together and the episode ending on a mini-resolution. I kind of enjoyed this episode but as a whole this season has continued to be pretty ordinary. It just lacks the spark that the original had that made it unmissable. This one, if I stopped watching it I probably wouldn’t mind, though I don’t dislike watching it either.

Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love (Episode 11)


Tada’s going to pull a lot of weird faces over the course of this episode. Weirder still because usually he doesn’t emote all that much. This is kind of a great follow up to the events so far and I look forward to the final part of this series. While it hasn’t been amazing, it has been reasonably consistent and quite entertaining.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Finished – Not Reviewed)

Spiritpact: Bond of the Underworld (Finished)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Finished)

Episode of the Week

Maybe it is the obvious, but it would have taken something very special to be the episode of My Hero Academia this week. To be perfectly honest, given how many anime episodes I watch a week, any episode that makes me that emotional has to have done something right.

Character of the Week

I know he was character of the week last week, but he definitely earned two weeks’ worth of recognition over the last couple of episodes. All Might, you’ve gone from being a needed mentor character to a character I genuinely love.


  • Butlers X Battlers (Episode 1)
  • Comic Girls (Episode 1)
  • Crossing Time (Episode 1)
  • Dances with the Dragons (Episode 2)
  • Golden Kamuy (Episode 1)
  • Gurazeni: Money Pitch (Episode 1)
  • Hinamatsuri (Episode 1)
  • Love To Lie Angle (Episode 1)
  • Magical Girl Ore (Episode 1)
  • Magical Girl Site (Episode 2)
  • MEGALOBOX (Episode 1)
  • My Sweet Tyrant (Episode 1)
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Episode 4)
  • You Don’t Know Gunma Yet (Episode 1)

Thanks for reading.

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