Anime for the Season: Spring 2018 Week 1

I was still very much in sampling mode this week as more and more titles launched for the spring season. I still haven’t finalised my watch list though I am hoping to do so shortly. This season is odd because there are some shows that interest me with their subject matter but they aren’t particularly well done, and other anime that have been beautifully produced that are absolutely not my thing. I kind of wonder what I’ll end up sticking with and what will end up leaving an impression this season.

What I watched

3D Kanojo: Real Girl (Episode 2)


A fairly hit and miss second episode and this anime is teetering on the brink of being dropped. It wasn’t dreadful, but it was frustrating at times and while that was kind of balanced by some nice moments, overall it hasn’t left a great impression.

Caligula (Episode 1)


This anime may very well end up dropped by the end of the next episode but there was enough interesting material in the first half of this premiere to make me want to have a second look, even if it did kind of fall apart in the second half. We’ll see how it goes.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episode 13)


After a week break, Cardcaptor Sakura returns and this week we also see the return of Meilin. It is a nice diversion but I still wonder if this anime is planning on getting a bit more serious in the second half.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss (Episode 1)


I was definitely not looking to pick this anime up having dropped season 2 of it previously because it felt repetitive. That said, having read a handful of positive reviews about the new cast, I checked it out and for now at least it is tentatively on the watch list. Decent laughs to be found and the cast are actually pretty good for what they are doing.

Darling in the Franxx (Episode 13 – Reviewed for patrons)


This feels like I’m repeating myself but once again this anime presents a visually impressive episode and yet the characters and narrative just aren’t quite there. Certainly the anime remains interesting and watchable but it just hasn’t really managed to reach its potential.

Devils’ Line (Episode 1)


Part of me wonders if I pick up anime like this just because I want to see a train wreck in motion. As much as I would love for this to be a fantastic supernatural romance involving vampires, this first episode is pretty bad no matter how you look at it.

GeGeGe No Kitaro (Episode 2)


Really, this one has quickly established itself as a cute family horror anime and it really is adorable. Hopefully it can maintain what it has done in these first two episodes for the season. While it isn’t the most memorable title out there, I’m certainly enjoying it so far.

Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi (Episode 2)


Not a lot to recommend the anime from its second episode. It could still end up fine but really this was pretty slow and dull viewing to achieve very little. Nothing wrong so much as not a lot happening. Hopefully now that it has established its setting a bit better things can move on next episode.

Libra of Nil Admirari (Episode 1)


Another reverse harem anime set in a historical setting, and another anime about collecting cursed books… And yet, being derivative isn’t the problem so much as the fact that this anime just hasn’t done anything interesting with the ideas it is using. Maybe it will pick up.

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS (Episode 1)


Well, it is another WIXOSS title so we all know what to expect. Card games that end badly for everyone. Lostorage Incited WIXOSS kind of broke trend with a bitter-sweet kind of resolution for the two main girls, but a lot of other people were trampled and this continuation seems like it is now going to address that point.

Magical Girl Site (Episode 1)


This anime is only staying on the watch list because I actually want to see how bad it can get. There is nothing I would recommend about it, unless you genuinely like watching people being truly horrible for almost no reason.

My Hero Academia Season 3 (Episode 1)

Reviewed as part of the collaboration with Kapodaco, this was a fairly flat opening episode though there is kind of the promise of things to come and it is My Hero Academia so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that it kicks itself into gear next week.

Record of Grancrest War (Episode 13)


Not a perfect episode by any means and some of the earlier pacing issues are still plaguing this series, but the improvement as we’ve moved into the second cour is also noted. This is almost becoming reasonable.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori (Episode 1)


Surprisingly not dropped at episode 1 despite being an incredibly slow slice of life with seemingly no overarching story to be seen. Normally this would have vanished from my watch list pretty much instantly and I’m not sure it won’t, but something about this first episode just kind of worked for me. Very relaxing.

Space Battleship Tiramisu (Episode 2)


Well, this one follows the formula of set up and execute punch line. I wonder how many variations we can get on a similar joke before I throw this one off the list?

Spiritpact: Bond of the Underworld (Episode 7)


Keika finally woke up Tanmoku and I’m still loving where this story has gone. Not perfect by any means but each episode of this second season has been pretty satisfying in fleshing out the world and the characters with far less of the stupid comedic moments interfering in the drama.

Steins;Gate 0 (Episode 1)


Another returning franchise that I wasn’t so sure I needed more of despite a love of the original. Still, this first episode was interesting enough and there’s some real potential here. I guess I’ll wait and see how the story moves from this point.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Episode 1)


A spin off of SAO was always going to be watched but the question of whether I’ll end up enjoying this wasn’t really answered by episode one. It was decent enough but didn’t do much to explain itself so I’ll wait and see what this plans to deliver.

Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love (Episode 1)


This was a reasonable starting episode but late developments have made me a bit cautious about my expectations. I don’t know if this one is going to stay on the watch list and episode 2 is going to have to do something if I’m going to continue with this anime.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re (Episode 2)


Still not entirely sold on this. In fact, wondering why I let my curiosity push me back into watching Tokyo Ghoul after the season 2 travesty. There’s still some potential here but really we’re walking into many of the same issues this series has always had and to be honest I’m not sure I’m up for more of the same.

Episode of the Week

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS – for an episode that recapped necessary information, added in some new material to old sequences, and managed to set up its plot for the new season. While not the most exciting thing ever, competence can sometimes be enough.

Character of the Week

Theo (Record of Grancrest War), because this guy totally deserved an axe to the back and I honestly didn’t expect Theo to have the guts to do it.


  • Comic Girls (Episode 1)
  • Love To Lie Angle (Episode 1)
  • Magical Girl Ore (Episode 1)
  • MEGALOBOX (Episode 1)

Butlers X Battlers (Episode 1)

While there might be an interesting story here, the really slow opening did nothing to grab my interest and why we need to have a butler who is also a high school student and the student council president is kind of beyond me. Moving on.

Crossing Time (Episode 1)

The synopsis of this does not lie. All railway crossings, all the time. And if you want to watch people stand at railway crossings having conversations, by all means, this three minute anime is for you. I’m passing.

Dances with the Dragons (Episode 2)

Maybe this will get to something epic at some point, but when the best way they can think of to add drama to a scene is to turn up the base and nearly drown out their own conversation, and this is added to poor visuals, terminology dumps, and a general poor effort all round so far, I’m pretty sure giving this anymore of my time is a bad idea.

Golden Kamuy (Episode 1)

Much like Megalobox, this one was actually kind of decent but not really for me. I’m sure a lot of people are going to really enjoy it, but I’m passing.

Gurazeni: Money Pitch (Episode 1)

While this might be decent, I’m just not interested enough in the sport and the main character did nothing in his opening monologue to compel me to keep watching. I actually tried and failed to make it through ten minutes of this.

Hinamatsuri (Episode 1)

Guy laughing maniacally in room before steel egg shaped thing bops him on the head… Yeah, no. I did watch more of this episode but it didn’t really get any better in the appeal department. I’m certain some people will find this pretty funny but for me it was just not going to click.

My Sweet Tyrant (Episode 1)

Not going to lie, I genuinely hated this first episode. At only three minutes, it still felt like that was a waste of my time and I really couldn’t think of a positive coming out of that episode.

You Don’t Know Gunma Yet (Episode 1)

I was more or less indifferent while watching these three minutes and as a direct result have no real compulsion to watch further. That said, this anime wasn’t bad and it didn’t have any glaring problems other than failing to grab my interest.


Thanks for reading.

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  1. You should had a “s” at week in your comment about My Hero Academia, while I like this Saturday episode (ep2) I know next week will not be as exciting as what is coming after. I know the season will be great since I read that part in the manga, but the episode to get there might not me all amazing.

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