Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Series Review: The Ugly Side of War


To be honest, I’m not super into realistic historical settings or period drama style anime so when I first started Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion, I wasn’t really expecting much. Still there’s definitely something about those first episodes that grab your attention and even though the show has its flaws, I’m still pretty happy with the watch through.


For people who watch a lot of seasonal anime there’s definitely a small problem of becoming a little fatigued with seeing similar set ups and plots play out over and over again. Particularly when you follow some genres more than others you definitely start to notice a saminess to your viewing so it isn’t surprising that when something comes along that gets your attention that isn’t something from your normal genre, there’s a novelty factor that comes from watching it that makes it pretty pleasant.

Angolmois Episode 10

And for me, that’s kind of how it was with Angolmois. Definitely not my usual kind of thing because I’m not a huge fan of period pieces, I don’t really like Samurai stories, and based on real events in history does little to really engage me. However, this anime was different enough and my watch list small enough this Summer that I decided to strap in and go for it. I don’t regret that choice but I’m kind of left on the fence about whether I really enjoyed it or whether it really was just the novelty of it that made it stand out (and for people who watch a lot of historical/samurai stories it is probably missing the novelty factor).

Ultimately, I think Angolmois is fine. There are some great moments along the way and some not so food moments. There’s some interesting characters that we learn little to nothing about. The plot is kept pretty straight forward with the Mongols invading the island and the local Japanese people trying to survive while not wanting to leave their land and the exiles who end up tasked with helping them (not that the exiles have all that much choice given leaving the island isn’t exactly an option for most of the anime).


However, fine isn’t exactly a huge recommendation and to be honest, in a busier season I probably wouldn’t bother with this one. There are just too many strikes against it so that even those moments that were really fun and engaging end up mostly forgotten by the end.

Of course, the biggest hurdle with this one is the filter over every single scene. I’m thinking they are trying to make it look historical or something, but mostly it just serves as a distraction in the early episodes and more than that, it is hideous. Character faces end up blotchy, and when we get a panning shot and the filter doesn’t move it actually made me feel a little queasy during early episodes. Admittedly, by the time you get to the second half of the season, your eyes have finally just accepted it and mostly filter out the filter but occasionally a scene will bring it back into jarring focus reminding you just how ugly this anime really is.


It doesn’t help that the majority of the characters are pretty ugly to look at as well even without the filter. Now I’m not saying that every anime character needs to be a pretty boy or whatever, but this cast is a motley collection of generally unattractive character designs and while it is likely a deliberate choice given the tone of the show, that doesn’t make it any more pleasant to look at.

Okay, I’m going to move away from the cosmetics and actually look at the characters now. Despite actually kind of enjoying the early episodes, other that Teruhi and Jinzaburou, and later Kano, none of the character names stuck. It took forever just to distinguish the different exiles as individual people and not just the ‘exiles’ and then we have the Japanese from the island and multiple Mongol armies all with characters that are thrown at us. It is overcrowded and impossible to learn anything of real note about anyone which is probably where the show stumbles hardest. It is really difficult to care about their amazing climactic battle where they linger on a death and you have to do a double take just to remind yourself whether you knew who that character was, and then you certainly don’t care.


So realistically this show either needed more episodes so we could spend actual time with these characters and get to know them, or it just needed to narrow its focus right down onto the characters who mattered. Not choosing either option means we get a very superficial look at way too many characters, most of whom will die before the final credits roll.

Like most historical anime, the characters all have their honour and rules that they live by. They regularly spout platitudes about their honour or life or whatever before doing something either stupid or brave or whatever. But again, knowing so little about the character makes these moments feel very tagged on and given we know so little about them we can’t figure out how this particular choice feeds into a greater character because it just isn’t there.


The Magistrate suffered horribly because he clearly had a code and clearly made some choices because of it, but we never had the time to learn enough about him to really understand what was driving him. By the time he died he just seemed like a silly man holding onto a handful of a sand as the wind tried to blow it away. The traitor from the exiles as well never had enough time for us to really understand why he made the choices he made and his character ended up feeling fairly shallow and inconsistent because of it and made his betrayal have very little impact emotionally even if it did drive the plot to its inevitable conclusion.

I really did look forward to this show most weeks and it isn’t as though it is a train wreck. It just comes up short in too many ways for me to really recommend it. Still, if you want a break from isekai, harem, high school, or the other standard anime types, this one might be a breath of fresh air… assuming of course slaughter and war work for you.

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10 thoughts on “Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Series Review: The Ugly Side of War

  1. “Definitely not my usual kind of thing because I’m not a huge fan of period pieces, I don’t really like Samurai stories, and based on real events in history does little to really engage me.”


    I think you have a good point about the novelty aspect of this. The last few seasons I felt like have had a glut of typical (for lack of a better word) anime, and this one did a lot of things different.

    I'm always up for period pieces anyway, but even as far as historically based anime go this is kind of unique. You have hundreds of warring states stories, and a fair number of bakumatsu ones as well, but I've never seen any other fiction that tried to cover this period.

    I also agree that the characters were pretty superficial, and aside from some story about Jinzaburou (who still didn't really have to change or learn anything really) we got nothing. I was fairly interested to see where it would go, but by the end I don't know that I expected anything different.

    A lot of the enjoyment I get out of historical anime, however, is the recognition aspect. With something as little known as this though, the chance for that was limited from the get go. I enjoyed watching this well enough, but I wonder if the reason I didn't find it that special was for this reason.

    1. Part of me just wanted more from this in so many ways. I enjoyed what was there but the presentation wasn’t great and it just fell short. Still, I’m glad I watched it last season because it at least added a little variety to the line up.

  2. This might be more for me. I like watching Samurai movies occasionally, and reading Samurai stories so this sounds like my kind of things. Much like martial art flicks, can’t get enough of Samurai stories, even the bad ones.

    Unfortunately, tacked on honor system is pretty common among the less than stellar Samurai writing. Half of the time I get the impression the writer think the honor system makes their character deeper than they actually are. Parts of it sound divisive, but that’ll make it more of a interesting viewing whenever I check this out.

    1. Hopefully you’ll have some fun with it. I’m still impressed it grabbed my interest as much as it did considering it isn’t really the type of thing I like usually so it did at least do that.

  3. My main problem with this show was that is was NOT an historical anything. Other than the fact that the Mongols did twice attempt to invade Japan, stopping at Tsushima both times (1274 & 1281), this was pretty close to a ridiculous interpretation. I’ll offer my “The Wandering Witch” review of the series from July: []. I really wanted this show to be better, especially given the potential within the history of the actual invasions. . .sadly, it just never tried to reach beyond silly and inane.

    1. I never expect even based on historical events shows to actually be realistic so that part didn’t bother me. Plus, my Mongolian history is limited to their invasions of China so they literally could have had anything happen in this anime and I would have just kind of shrugged it off.

    2. Do you have any good sources on what the actual invasion was like? What history I do know of the event left a lot of wiggle room for this story, because the Mongols didn’t spend a whole lot of time taking Tsushima. Sou Sukikeni might have been the only person the Imperial government cared much about so I don’t know how meticulous the record was after he died.

  4. I’m a history buff myself, and I really do like historical shows. Having followed along with your episode reviews I have been on the fence about whether or not I should watch it. Having now finished your wrap up post, I’m still not sure lol 😂😂 Still I will leave it sitting in my queue and maybe I will get to it at some point.

    1. It wasn’t a bad watch by any means but not something that needs to be rushed into either. There was a lot of potential in the series that the anime just never seemed to do much with, but other than appearances it was actually okay in most aspects.

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