Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episodes 1 + 2: Okay, You Got My Attention


Full disclosure, I’m not big on real historical settings or situations. Fantasy ones with historical trapping are fine but mostly the warring states era, samurai and the like don’t make for overly compelling viewing (with some exceptions). So while I originally avoided this one, some heavy praise from fellow reviewers and a feeling of minor desperation for something actually good this season rather than just tolerable, had me trying the first episode of Angolmois. So what did I think?


While this one isn’t to my usual tastes, and the weird visual filter over everything (particularly noticeable over moving images of the landscape) makes it look kind of ugly and murky (I’d also suggest leads to feeling slightly queasy when the background but not the foreground moves) there was something quite compelling about the first two episodes here. Possibly not being filled with characters trapped in another world, happy go lucky teenagers, characters whose entire lives seem to be defined by weather they can hit something over a net or sing really good, and an absence of gratuitous fan-service made this one stand out regardless of some of its lesser qualities. But that probably isn’t giving it credit for what it did well.


However, before I get onto those positives, I’d also like to throw in that this one did start as in what looks like the end of a conflict before going back to show us how the protagonist got there and while the technique is a little more affective here than in something like Lord of Vermilion, it still isn’t the best way to get me interested in a story, particularly when the sequence on the boat would have been a perfectly fine introduction and a much better hook.

I don’t have enough familiarity with this particular historical era or conflict to comment on the accuracy or lack of it of anything going on here. My Mongolian history is limited strictly to their invasion of China and even then it lacks anything resembling depth. That said, while there might be something for history buffs, it isn’t a prerequisite as they aren’t expecting you to know what is going on and in just two episodes, without a massive exposition dump, this show has managed to establish where the island is, why the Mongols are invading it and what their overall objective would be, and why the character who seems to be the protagonist is there and is clearly going to end up fighting. That’s more or less enough to get into this story even without a larger context. Though I’m betting the protagonist wishes he hadn’t been asked to hold out for a set number of days.


And while the characters are so far fairly standard characters for this kind of historical drama they aren’t too boring and there’s potential for them to become interesting as we learn more about the exiles and the inhabitants of the island (assuming they don’t all get killed).

I’m enjoying the pacing of this so far as it isn’t moving at breakneck speed but I don’t feel like it is lingering too long on any one moment. And so far the fights have been interesting enough to watch though I worry they might become a bit too similar as the story continues.


Still, given I originally passed on this one from the premise, I ended up enjoying it a great deal more than I expected. I’ll see how this one goes.

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Karandi James


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15 thoughts on “Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episodes 1 + 2: Okay, You Got My Attention

  1. The more I read about it, the more I think it’s going to be my potential AOTS…welp, aside from that filter (but you already pointed that out).

    It looks like Teruhi’s going to develop a lot as a character too, which is something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I first read the description “…Teruhi, the leader Sō Sukekuni’s daughter with beauty that anyone finds captivating. She heads into the battlefield, wielding her own bow” from Anime News Network.

    1. Glad I hadn’t read that description before I started watching. I probably would have been wondering what I was watching if that’s what I expected. They might get there but it certainly isn’t what happened here.

  2. I saw this one getting a very positive review from Neha, and since then it’s already been sitting on my chrunchyroll line up. I’m hoping to catch up in the weekend again (As long as I can tear myself away from a way too good Korean drama that I am currently watching. Ugh…I really have way too many hobbies). But it’s nice to see that you enjoyed it as well. I hope to catch up with this on sunday and check it out for myself 😊

    1. Compared to a lot of the shows this season, this one has made a pretty good first impression. I will admit though, it isn’t really my style so if I’d actually found something else to watch I probably wouldn’t have even tried this one. Hopefully it ends up being okay to watch.

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