Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episode 7: Safety?

Angolmois Episode 7

Angolmois remains perhaps one of the ugliest anime I’ve actually sat through, and the story really has come screeching to a halt in the mid-section, and yet there’s something about the story that continues to compel. Still, there’s plenty this week that makes me wonder why I’m still watching.

Angolmois Episode 7

This week we see our characters receive some gourd from the Emperor before running to an inlet where they find some Mongols chasing a boat load of women. Turns out its a trap and the third force we met before is hard at work luring in and killing Mongols. They aren’t thrilled to take in Teruhi and the refugees but the Emperor has ordered it and so on to the castle.

Angolmois Episode 7 - Teruhi

On arriving at the castle, Jinzaburo takes a quick look around, listens to the kid who has been playing on the walls, and determines that its pretty much a death trap. Of course the anime uses this opportunity to hit us over the head with the fact that he has no political tact once again (one of his few character traits outside of being awesome fighter/leader guy) and he royally annoys all the hot girls who are heavily armed. That might seem dismissive, but honestly this sequence is handled poorly and the characterisation is weak at best. With so little happening in this episode, and quite a bit of time devoted to the two kids bickering, the one development that seems meaningful needed quite a bit more thought in its execution.

It isn’t all bad news with them running into other refugees and clearly there are some foul plans afoot which are sure to help things get interesting again real soon.

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