Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episode 6: Division

Angolmois Episode 6

With the remainders of the army and the exiles momentarily unified in their desperation to survive, it is now the divisions in the Mongol army that are being exploited. That said, even with the infighting, the Japanese are really outnumbered here.


I’m kind of annoyed at the way Teruhi is being presented so far in this series. She just keeps changing tone and reacting to situations and to be honest I don’t really get her as a character. We met her when she was playing the role of being haughty and cruel (which just seemed like a stupid approach with the exiles in the first place) and since then she’s been the stubborn tom-boy, the damsel in distress, the grieving family member, the tortured leader type, and so on. From one scene to the next you don’t know what face she’ll be wearing or how she’ll react and while fair enough her life is getting turned upside down, six episodes in her character remains fairly problematic in terms of actually saying whether or not I have a clue what her role in this story is.

Far easier to nail down is the role of the adopted son who last week joined forces Jinzaburou and the exiles as he tried to figure out a reason why he was even fighting and the writing was on the wall then for what his fate as a character would be. Points for the show not dragging it out and giving it enough weight as an event without belabouring the point. However, other than Teruhi and Jinaburou, none of the characters really have much, well, character. They are either stereotypes or more or less still blank slates with little to distinguish them from the other cast members. And that’s perhaps where Angolmois is starting to lose me now that the initial draw of the conflict is starting to wear a bit thin as we continue to see the Mongols chasing the Japanese across the island (there’s only so far you can pus htaht concept without liking the characters before it gets a bit old).


Still, with developments towards the end of this episode bringing in some new characters, there’s some potential for a different direction. And despite m complaints about the cast, this is still a generally enjoyable show, outside of the ugly filter.

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10 thoughts on “Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episode 6: Division

    1. It is interesting. I’m not sure it is really for me and I don’t think I’d have watched it in a season where I had a full watch schedule, but I’m finding it interesting enough. I do kind of wish the characters were a bit better developed but so far the story has held my attention.

  1. Teruhi is one of the few characters I can actually call a “character” but geez, you bring up a great point. Her functionality as a character is too dictated by the story.For a while, I knew something was bugging me but I couldn’t figure out what exactly. Your review just nails it.

    1. It’s a shame because there is still a lot to like about Angolmois, but I think what will stop me from really raving about it is that while the plot is interesting enough, the characters just aren’t carrying the story so much as just existing in it.

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