Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episode 3: Ugly Filter Aside, This Is Pretty Compelling


The characters are blunt and the conflict is real; so far Angolmois seems to be doing a decent job of distinguishing itself from the nice-guy harem-protagonist anime out this season.


Wow, that filter is ugly. There’s no other way to describe it. In one sequence the characters looked like their flesh was made out of the cave rocks the texture on their skin was that prominent and weird. Throw in a knack for choosing colours that look like various versions of split-pea soup and this anime is just visually hideous. It is a good thing it isn’t resting on being pretty and with the gritty story unfolding here I have to admit despite being ugly the visuals are actually fairly suitable.


It is difficult to get behind any of these characters though. The exiles are pretty rough characters and while they are good at their various trades (killing people) they haven’t given me any reason to really get on side. These aren’t freedom fighters or idealists. They are criminals and so far have come across as fairly self-centred in their view of the world. It seems they are mostly seeking a thrill in joining this fight rather than caring whether they are helping anyone.


That said, you can’t get behind the actual army either because they are universally stupid. They flee and they buy into faulty logic from either their own leaders or the exiles. So far there is very little to really respect about any of these characters and the majority seem to exist simply to die.

Of course, the enemy is the Mongol army which we’ve seen exactly nothing of other than various grunts getting killed. They have no voice or personality.

While it might seem like I’m running this show down, I’m really not. I’m interested in this conflict and these characters, but there’s absolutely nothing pretty about this show and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it likes it.

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15 thoughts on “Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episode 3: Ugly Filter Aside, This Is Pretty Compelling

  1. I like this one too. It is the most interesting historical drama this season.

  2. Hmm, I guess the locals do come off as a bit two dimensional and obtuse at times. I still feel for them, though, what with the massive disadvantage they’re at when they’re just trying to preserve themselves. To me, that explained, without justifying, the weakness of character shown when they interacted with the exiles.

    “I kind of hoped they’d get invaded.”: Haha, that’s brutal! 😸

  3. I can get behind the princess and her people because they are being invaded, and thus the exiles who are helping them.

    BTW, great cliffhanger ending to this episode, no?

    1. Just being invaded doesn’t really help me get behind them. Particularly when we see how they treated the exiles they requested in the first place. I actually probably would be more behind them if we hadn’t spent an time in that council meeting because that was more or less when I just kind of hoped they’d get invaded.
      Still, despite that, I’m still kind of interested in this so hopefully the characters grow on me as the show progresses.

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