Angels of Death Episode 4: This Is The End


That minor nagging voice from last week telling me this might get better has now been dragged out and beaten to death by common sense. Angels of Death is boring which is the most irredeemable thing something made for entertainment can ever be.


I love psychological horror. I love bad horror. Cheesy dialogue. Cliche set ups. Standard horror settings. Angels of Death has all the ingredients to engage me as a viewer regardless of whether it did it well or in a terrible King’s Game kind of way. And yet since about midway through the first episode I’ve been kind of bored and just waiting and hoping that somehow this would improve.

Episode 4 is no exception and I’m pretty sure I knew four minutes in that I wasn’t continuing beyond this episode. Yet another floor boss is introduced and we get the usual tongue licking the lips to show she’s unbalanced (though later we’ll also get the mismatched eye thing too) and then maniacal ear-grating laughter. This by itself isn’t the end of a show but lets look at every character other than Rachel so far.


We meet Zack in episode one and he kills bird and laughs maniacally. Great, he’s crazy, better run. We meet the Doctor who pins Rachel down and throws his head back and laughs crazily before getting skewered on Zack’s scythe. We then meet Eddie. Now in Eddie’s defence, he was more of a giggler than a laugher but the point remains that other than giggling and ranting about his love for Rachel from the shadows, we once again have an extremely shallow characterisation that somehow is supposed to be thrilling.

Maybe I’m just missing something but all I feel while watching Rachel stare blankly at walls before commenting that there is something there or nothing is bored. All I feel when I see Zack getting electrocuted in a chair he idiotically sat on is exasperated. And all I feel when the show ends on a cliffhanger with Rachel potentially about to be done in by poison gas is weary.


For me, watching anime is fun and engaging. In that sense, I think I’d rather go back and watch Record of Grancrest War than even one more episode of this (not that I intend to do that).

However, next week I’ve decided to finally start a formal rewatch of Yuri on Ice, as opposed to just binge watching it whenever I’m feeling a bit down, and I’m going to review the episodes again, hopefully a little more objectively than I did the first time (though honestly, given Yuri and Victor are smiling at me from the wall next to my computer, I somehow doubt it). Anyway, if you want to join me, I’ll be covering episodes 1 and 2 next week instead of watching anymore of Angels of Death.

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19 thoughts on “Angels of Death Episode 4: This Is The End

  1. I’ll let you know if it goes anywhere. Been a pretty disappointing show. I still enjoy it but feels like it should be doing a lot better but isn’t.

    1. No matter how I try to think about the show it just ends up being pretty boring. That said, I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on it as it progresses.

  2. You watched until episode 4 and still not see what the actual focus is? The show made it very clear by episode 2 that horror is not what it aims to be. It was first an RPG Maker game which are hardly ever scary or really horror like. Since episode 2 it’s focus has been the two characters Zack and Rachel, especially their relationship. And it already has progessed, which you can see.
    The floor bosses exist for one purpose: to challenge their relationship.
    This show is not bad. It just not what you wanted it to be.

    1. If the focus is the characters then it is still a miss. Neither character is particularly interesting on their own and together they have almost no chemistry. Even if the floor bosses only exist to challenge their relationship, they could still be credible characters or at least vaguely interesting.
      While I appreciate that maybe the show isn’t trying to be a horror, though in that case it is horrendously mislabelled on MAL and the label on crunchyroll of adventure is equally wrong, but it isn’t succeeding at engaging me in anything else either.

    1. In its defence, King’s Game is excellent poorly constructed horror. The kind that makes for some enjoyable popcorn viewing provided you do not take it seriously. This one isn’t even up to that.

  3. So it’s not one of those “so-bad-it’s-good” anime. Dang…I was hoping to read that this week and start it. But, having read your reviews and Irina’s, it looks like I’d be wasting my time unless I want to mindlessly watch something without committing. Stale characters who laugh too much and a story that isn’t all that engaging.

    1. At this point that’s all it is. There’s possibly some reveals and plot points to come, but to be honest four episodes in it still hasn’t grabbed me enough to really care. While promises from those who’ve played the game insist it will get better, I’m going to put my time elsewhere for the moment (and given I watched Devils’ Line last season I must really have been bored while watching this to drop it without a second thought).

  4. I was out after Episode 3, in addition to being boring. I found Zak to completely unlikeable in every way—and the way that every guy that Rachel met wanted to murder her and she was picking who she wanted to be murdered by made it feel like a ‘death harem’ which if the show had committed to one way or another (really dark or really silly) it might have worked. But what we got was just ‘meh’.

    1. Meh is a very good descriptor of this. And I agree, they could have gone comedy and I would have probably enjoyed the dark sense of humour, or they could have actually made it a psychological horror. Instead we just have this really awkward kind of walking around not knowing what tone we’re actually going for feeling.

  5. Well I don’t blame you at all. I guess in the end I will still hang on to this one,as there is very little to replace it with anyway, but I’m having very little hope that this one will be turned around and become a good show. But hey, I’m sticking around (unless it get’s even worse than this) and I’m curious to find out if Irina’s theory will come true 😊😊

    1. Irina’s theory was pretty solid. My only issue with it is they could still make the process of getting there more interesting to watch with this. But I will look forward to hearing from you and Irina to see what direction this goes in.

      1. Yeah, I don’t know if she’s got it right of course, but if she does, I think it could still become an interesting series. But I’m not keeping my fingers crossed for it, that’s for sure 😊😊

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