Angels of Death Episode 3: Surrender to Game Style Dialogue and Repetition


Episode 3 continues with the mediocrity and makes it clear that no one really thought through how this would play out as an anime. I’d like to say I was done with this, but there’s this minor nagging voice in my head telling me it might get better.


There’s not much positive to say about episode 3 of this. The creepy atmosphere kind of developed in episode 1 is completely gone at this point. While we’re still wandering around dark levels of a hospital, the environment is so different at this point it is impossible to really think that and instead we’re just in kind of a generic creepy place. However other than a lack of decent lighting, there’s little to actually give you a sense of creepiness. Oh look there’s running water and grave stones. But that’s not enough and it doesn’t evoke anything as we watch the characters stumble around in this episode.


If we add to that the ongoing lack of chemistry between the two main characters and that the giggling floor owner this week was a pumpkin headed kid with some romance delusion that was insufficiently explained to have any impact, there’s just not much to hold onto as the show forces us through one game mechanic filled set piece to the next. Whether it is Rachel drawing the audience’s attention to the torch, the notes, or even the final fight sequence which reminded me of playing King’s Quest where if you didn’t have ‘this’ item you were doomed to failure, this show doesn’t sit well as an anime but really does look like someone playing a game and it isn’t doing the show any favours.


Also, lack of anything else to pay attention to has me wondering how Zack’s mouth even works given he has a bandage clean over it and yet he manages to speak just fine and it opens and closes.  I guess he could have cut a slit but then wouldn’t we occasionally see lips instead of bandage that somehow seems to move perfectly with his mouth. This is the kind of thing that only distracts me when I’m slightly bored while watching, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the emotion the show was going for.

Honestly, I should drop this and if I have any sense this will be the last episode I watch. However, I somehow suspect next week curiosity as to whether it can improve will get the better of me. We’ll see.

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14 thoughts on “Angels of Death Episode 3: Surrender to Game Style Dialogue and Repetition

  1. Exactly! Where’s the intrigue and atmosphere? This is a boring journey. Maybe I should’ve played the game.

    1. I’m wondering how it plays out in the game given people seem to have a high opinion of it but I’m currently not seeing it in the anime.

    1. Someone also needs to tell Rachel we get that she wants Zack to kill her. It doesn’t need to be every second thing she says.

  2. Yup, still waiting for something to really hook me with this but like, you, something is telling me it is coming – hopefully….

  3. That nagging voice is also in my head, so I am sticking around for another week as well. And seeing there isn’t much else to choose from anyway, I might as well. (Although I have to say I unexpectedly really enjoyed Phantom in the Twilight).

    1. I’m glad you liked Phantom in the Twilight. It isn’t great but compared to a lot this season it has potential.
      And yeah, the lack of competition may keep Angels of Death on my watch list – though technically I do have a long catch up list that I could address if I were willing to make the effort.

      1. Haha; my catch up list is pretty long as you know, so I might even do the same 😀But yes it’s a fun show Phantom. At least especially when compared to all the other rather lackluster shows 😉

        1. By the way, I’m not ignoring your email, I’m just waiting until my brain is actually functioning to address it properly. Hopefully tomorrow.

          1. Haha no worries. I have two late night dinners this week so I won’t have much time anyway (as much as I like things like that, it does seriously cut into my already way too little free time that I have lol) So take all the time you need 😊

  4. I’m in that same mindset of, “This could get better” yet also wondering if we have hit rock bottom yet?

    It makes me wonder though, since you mentioned this was a game, was the game any good?

    1. I haven’t played it though about six people have recommended it to me since I started watching this. To be honest, if the anime is meant to advertise it, all it is doing is convincing me to stay clear.

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