And Now… The Results of the Worst of Spring Reader’s Poll Are Here!


If you missed it, the best of the Spring 2018 season reader poll results can be found here.

For those who are new to my end of season awards, I’ll just remind you that worst of the season is a slightly misleading term given I ask people to vote for a show they didn’t drop but was the worst thing they actually watched. That means there are plenty of anime out there that never get voted for that are significantly worse because people have simply dropped them without completing them.

First up, my choices for worst of the season.

Worst Story – Tokyo Ghoul: Re


It seemed mean to give it to Record of Grancrest War considering it already won this ‘honour’ at the end of the Winter season, and Tokyo Ghoul Re has it coming. No explanations, no attempt to link the previous anime season to this, and just abandoning the anime fans to muddle their way through was a really poor move. Worse, even when you look up all the things you need to look up, we essentially spend 12 episodes gaining very little ground and it is hard to see much point to most of this. There’s the ongoing issue of Haise finding his memories but that’s about three episodes worth of content stretched out and then there’s a bunch of stuff with side characters I was never made to care about. Basically, this one was a bit of a mess but if you just want some ghoul fight sequences, it might deliver that for you.

Worst Visuals – Devils’ Line


There was never any question on this category. Devils’ Line is ugly to watch whether it is the weird filter they put over scenes, the terrible effect used to make the vampires seem faster or whatever, or just the drab looking everything, it is hideous. While I appreciate not every vampire needs to be an Adonis existing only to draw the female eye, this show is just bad to look at.

Worst Opening – My Hero Academia Season 3


Yes, I hear your complaints and yet I’m standing by this choice. After some truly thrilling OP’s, My Hero Academia has delivered one that neither gets me fired up, nor visually interests me, outside of the final image of Midoriya standing with All Might. Basically I’ve taken to skipping the OP and am hoping for a mid-season change.

Worst Character – The Cast of Caligula


This was probably a cheap call, and yet I knew my least favourite characters existed in this series and yet when looking at each one I can barely remember their names let alone distinguish one from the other in terms of which was a more poorly introduced, fleshed out or developed character. This cast is way oversized and not one of the characters pictured above does a single thing of consequence in the entire series (watch it, remove each of these characters, note how that makes no difference to the plot at all). So yeah, it is an entire cast but this is my choice for worst character this season (they even beat some of the choices I had from Grancrest).

And now…

Worst Anime of the Spring 2018 Season – Doreiku The Animation


I was really torn on this one. Caligula was a great contender for worst of the season as was Devils’ Line. But ultimately both of those had some redeeming qualities hiding deeply beneath layers of poor choices whereas Doreiku is just a concept thrown out there and then used by someone who doesn’t have a clue what to do with it. The first episode presents what could be a rich world of exploration about human desire and morality and ultimately the story barely manages to remain coherent and certainly doesn’t explore anything. It routinely shows us that the characters are horrible but that isn’t really exploration so much as just piling more mud onto what is already a mess. So despite having what arguably could have been one of the more interesting concepts this season, Doreiku has managed to be the anime I really wish I hadn’t stuck with.

Finally, Reader’s Choice

There was some tight competition for worst anime of the season that people actually watched and we ended up with a tie for third place. See the results for yourself.

Worst of Spring 2018.JPG

And so, with 9 votes, Darling in the Franxx won worst anime that people actually watched this season. I think the show’s popularity worked against it here because as bad as some of the other shows were, more people were watching Franxx. Still, you have to admit it became quite a mess as the series progressed.


Devils’ Line therefore took a comfortable second place as worst anime closely followed by SAOA: GGO and Doreiku the animation in third place.

It seems like it has been a long season but now we are about to move into the Summer Anime season and begin it all again. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for some amazing stories, and for those anime that disappoint us, there’s always the chance to vote for it in the worst of Summer poll.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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11 thoughts on “And Now… The Results of the Worst of Spring Reader’s Poll Are Here!

  1. I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like Comic Girls and I’m a bit worried that FLCL was voted for as much as it was…

  2. I too am still finding Darling in the Franxx enjoyable. I liken it a lot to Gurren Lagann (which i also enjoyed immensely). It;s crazy and I really don’t care. Knowing Trigger’s history, I expected a crazy ride. I also found to be SAO GGO to be quite good and would say that it is one of the best SAO stories out there.

    1. Did it actually get to having a story? I dropped SAO GGO at episode 3 or 4 because it seemed like a slice of life watching someone else play a game and no actual plot had been established. It was boring me silly. Glad some people enjoyed it though.

  3. Honestly, I stand by liking Darling in the FranXX. I’m glad I haven’t seen Evangelion or any other highly popular Mecha anime to compare it to. As I told Scott Report on Twitter yesterday I see very similar story context from Gurren Lagann and Guilty Crown, but that doesn’t stop me from liking FranXX. I also enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul:re (because even though I didn’t read the manga I know the spoilers for the story), Devil’s Line (even though visually it wasn’t the greatest), and GGO: Alternative (which was better than the original by far). As you stated Karandi there are by far worse anime out there this season but a lot of people ended up dropping these shows so they didn’t vote for them.

    1. It’s always important to put the vote in context. Darling in the Franxx winning kind of means a lot of us watched it through so even if we want to complain about it, we didn’t stop watching.

  4. These polls end up being popularity contests it seems… shout out to MHA, Hinamatsuri and Megalo Box for getting votes here.
    Darlifra is definitely trash in my books, but I’d guess that it was a lot of people’s second or third worst, since you could pick multiple. Just sayin…

  5. Hmm…really dissappointed to read about Tokyo Ghoul. Having finished both the first and second seasons recently, and quite honestly really having enjoyed it, this really sounds very bad. Oh well…still going to watch it, but at least I am prepared now 😊

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