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It’s All About Your Feelings


Episode 8

After the revelation that there might be a plot of sorts in this anime, episode 8 is one large step backward. We start with the girls playing the fighting game that the new character is from and then on screen Bouida’s friend turns up to declare he’s taking Bouida captive and the girls can only get him back by winning two out of three fights. Bouida is reduced to the damsel in distress role including the blonde wig.

I guess I should get around to remembering this guy’s name at some point.

In terms of amusement, watching the three fights play out with increasingly silly moments wasn’t bad. Bellnoa losing because her power ups took so long to activate she ran out of time was a nice punch line. Nona’s fight went on even longer which makes no sense however nor does Bouida appearing in a blimp above the fight and activating some new mode for Nona so that she wipes out the enemy.


The final fight has personal issues thrown into the mix, a mysterious ‘I am your father’ reveal, crossing into another world altogether, before the girls let their real feelings out and blow the ‘father’ character away. It is nonsensical at best but not bad to watch really.


As for fan-service this week the girls are transported into the game and one of them loses their outfit but otherwise this episode was surprisingly low on those sorts of moments. The real fan-service came from the otaku loving speech and the girl’s embarrassment over her BL collection being revealed.

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This remains mostly fluff and nonsense with a tenuous plot holding things together. Tha said, it remain relatively entertaining provided you don’t expect much from it.

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