Amazing Stranger Review Episode 7


The plot actually exists.


Episode 7

They actually are working to advance a plot of sorts in Amazing Stranger. Colour me surprised. While there has been evidence of a potential plot bubbling away in the background I kind of expected that this was the kind of anime that didn’t much care whether it dealt with its premise or not. Episode 7 kind of indicates that this isn’t the case and Amazing Stranger might actually work towards a resolution.


With the three figurines we already knew were alive established at this point it is now time for Bouida’s friend to show up with a plan to solve the mystery of the ‘super mobile figures’ and a new living figure. While the friend is rapidly forgotten in the excitement of meeting a new friend and rival (in the case of Bellnoa and Nona) and a new fan-boy moment for Bouida as another of his beloved characters comes to life, his involvement in the story is fairly important.


They kind of balanced this episode nicely with points that are clearly building to something and points that are just the girls more or less doing silly things and appealing to the audience. The self-aware moment for the new figure as she tried to hold her clothes down against a gust of steam as well as her crawling along and coming to the realisation that she must be small don’t serve any purpose other than time filler but they are mostly harmless fun and the interactions between the figures are pretty cute at this point provided obvious fan-service that doesn’t go that far isn’t going to put you off.


I will say that Nona’s jealousy act as the ‘wife’ is starting to get a little old and is beginning to make her the least interesting of the characters. She’s very one-note at this point and any desire to explore the world has disappeared entirely. While it was obvious that learning her existence was not what she thought was going to change her, her characterisation has pretty much boiled down to a stale trope that does little but act as a foundation for the other characters to work from.

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But it is the end of the episode where we see where Bouida’s friend works that is the real reveal of the episode, even if it had already become pretty obvious. It will be interesting to see how things develop from here but regardless of what the plot does, Amazing Stranger isn’t in any hurry to get to its point where there are cute female figures to have on screen.

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