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Not So Amazing, But Not Trash Either

There was something fairly intriguing about the premise of Amazing Stranger (of Chou Kadou Girl 1/6) as an anime figure who still has full use of all of her weapons and skills from her story coming to life in the modern world could have been really interesting. Particularly initially when she still believed she was an intergalactic explorer and Bouida was taking her around to show her Tokyo.


Unfortunately the story didn’t really want to dwell on this and quickly shifted gears with Nona learning the truth and then having a bit of an existential crisis. Once again, this could have really worked as a story as she came to terms with her existence, but they rapidly jump beyond panic and denial and straight into Nona becoming an anime and manga addict and settling in just fine to her life.


Plus, the story then felt it had to be a harem anime and so more and more figures were introduced, all of which were characters Bouida really liked from anime and games and all became Nona’s rivals for his affection.


Do you see the problem? Any one of these ideas could have been fun but in a short anime format with barely 12 minutes an episode the pace at which we move through these ideas and themes leaves no time for any kind of depth or exploration. Ironic in an anime about a galaxy explorer.

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What did surprise was that they actually built an ongoing plot in the background of the comedy set-ups and shenanigans. Every so often they would return us to the story of the one creating the moving figures and his plot and then the final episodes dealt with Nona’s character and how her anime ended. In this there were some good moments that hinted at a much better story that could have been told.


During my episode reviews I mentioned a few times that this anime confused me as I didn’t know who it was targeting as its audience. Certainly the living figurine girls provide fan service moments but this is nowhere near of prominent as it might be if they were attempting to appeal to the ecchi fans out there. In all honesty, it is kind of tame considering the premise and some episodes are utterly devoid of fan service moments.


The comedy elements are there but again don’t seem to be prominent enough or funny enough to actually be the selling point. MAL lists it as a comedy and a romance and certainly the relationship between Nona and Bouida is romantic but with the harem elements there it doesn’t exactly sell the story.


Basically, this anime functionally works and the short format makes it tolerable. There are some moments that will shine and a lot of very average moments that dominate the run time. The best I can say about it is given some of the subject matter, this could have been a lot worse, but that’s hardly a recommendation. And yes, the review is short but there just isn’t much to say about this one.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Stranger Anime Review

  1. Hmm, the premise actually sounds rather unique and quite interesting, but having just read your review, it sounds like a bit of a missed opportunity kind of show. So, as enthusiastic as I was in the beginning, I’m not anymore, and think I will give this a pass 😊

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