Alice & Zoroku Episode 6



I can’t. I’m done. With all of the mystery elements and most of the magic disappearing entirely as we see cute girl humming and skipping her way through the episode, learning about engagements and marriage and family, and then getting a hair cut.


Maybe they’ll get back to some of the other stuff but I know I can’t watch her hum and sing anymore while waiting so I’m calling it quits on this one. If you really like watching cute girlsĀ  learn about the world with a sense of wonder there’s probably some fun to be had here but that wasn’t what I signed on for back when they were having car chases through town with healthy doses of magic.

Alice & Zoroku is available on Crunchyroll.

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7 thoughts on “Alice & Zoroku Episode 6

  1. I think it’ll eventually get back to that but it doesn’t want you to get used to car chases and the magic for the sole purpose of you not becoming desensitized to it. I think, rather than just rely on her size and what they tell you, they want to show you that we are dealing with a little girl (?). One whose life has extraordinary possibilities but has also lacked a lot of common things we take for granted.

    So by showing her have normalcy, it makes you more invested when people threaten to take that away. As opposed to the usual, here is this kid, here is an evil organization, and here are these normal people who stand by helplessly who care for her despite having hardly any bonding time.

    1. Which is lovely that they are having bonding time but for me I probably needed to see a little more going on with the various organisations outside of the house to still feel that there was anything happening beyond cute girl gaining family time. More a need to balance those elements rather than totally exclude one side of the story for an episode. Then again, if they’d totally excluded the slice-of-life side I probably wouldn’t have complained so this is clearly my personl taste coming through.

      1. I get it though. For it really does feel they swept most of the intriguing bits under the rug or straight up rushed them. Hence that season finale feel before.

    1. This is a show you can use as a good example of why the three episode rule won’t help you figure out if you are going to like the whole show. Episode 6 has fully abandoned a lot of the previous tone and trappings and while some of those ideas may come back into the series, all that is left are the slice of life elements. Certainly they were there to start with, but there were other things going on that have since taken a back seat.

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