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The tone shifts yet again this episode. Starting off with the pig clean up after last week, the visitors Zoroku called turn out to also be aware of the Pieces of Alice and want to ‘study’/look after Sana. How Zoroku knows them is a complete mystery and given the show is more interested in comedy set pieces in that particular setting than in explanations it seems unlikely we’ll figure it out soon. About the only concrete fact I picked up is that Zoroku, despite coming off tough, is pretty easy to manipulate if you know what pushes his buttons.


However, running alongside all this cute pig catching, feeding Sana, apology comedy, we are getting some backstory on Minnie C and those shady characters from the research facility are actually doing something (well, driving around looking like they intend to do something). By the end of the episode Minnie C has kidnapped Sana and is threatening to crush her if she struggles.

So episode 1 was a mish-mash of tones and genres but interesting enough. Episode 2 went solidly cute girl on us and now episode 3 contrasts cute girl moments with darker mystery elements. What is this show intending to be? My main issue is that because it doesn’t seem to have a clear identity everything seems kind of half-hearted. There’s plenty of interesting ideas but the execution is passable but not particularly memorable.

Alice & Zoroku is available on Crunchyroll.

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  1. Like omg… I been so slow on watching anime these days. I haven’t even written anything for the second episode yet..

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