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While episode 1 awkwardly merged a facility escape drama with slice of life grandfather character meets cute girl, episode 2 decidedly falls into the slice of life and cute girls category. While the grandfather phones in his parts (literally), the people from the facility sit around in a hotel room and accomplish nothing for the episode, and the episode very much focusses on Alice’s meeting with Zoroku’s granddaughter, Sanae.


It’s adorable and all but other than seeing the catalyst for Alice running from the facility in a very exposition heavy flashback we learn nothing about her power or the facility or what the ultimate point of the show is. Instead we get treated to a swarm of pigs, hot cakes, and then a free tour of the world (including cute penguins).

That said, it is still kind of interesting enough to give another episode but this one is dropping on my priority list and will need to have a fairly solid third episode if I’m going to keep going with it.

Alice & Zoroku is available on Crunchyroll.

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5 thoughts on “Alice & Zoroku Episode 2

      1. i kinda expected this series to be “daily life as sana learns about the world that suddenly picks up when the next attempt to bring her back arrives every now and then”…so sounds about right

  1. I saw the episode as the calm before the storm. A sort of, this is what a normal girl is like vs. one who lived most of her life isolated and now the only friends she knows are essentially hunting her.

    I don’t remember if I got teary eyed or not, but thus far it is a bit of a sad tale. Especially since it isn’t clear what the extent is of the experiments done on her.

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