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I’m going to be honest, I didn’t read much about this prior and Crunchyroll has no synopsis on it. Pretty much what I got its vaguely Alice in Wonderland inspired characters kept in research facility and one escapes. Not sure what else this is about at this point or whether it is going to be slice of life with some supernatural elements in the background or if we are actually going to follow the story of bringing down the research facility, or why there are Yakuza somehow involved.



I don’t mind going in to things blind but this one took me a bit by surprise. From the title I was kind of expecting another variation on Alice in Wonderland themed anime and it certainly is that, though the content seems fairly far removed from Alice. I wasn’t expecting the first episode to be 45 minutes and I honestly didn’t have a clue where this episode was going. It is enjoyable enough and we are introduced to the characters but I think the overall plot is going to take a little bit more before it becomes clear what this is trying to be. I’m certainly interested in what I saw this episode but there’s so many different ways this could develop from here that I’d hesitate to say that I’m sold on this yet.

Alice & Zoroku is available on Crunchyroll.

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9 thoughts on “Alice & Zoroku Episode 1

  1. More or less what I thought of it. It has potential and I liked the first episode, but it’s hard to tell where its going right now. The CG was pretty bad, though. This’ll definitely be carried more by the plot than the visuals.

  2. After a friend told me it was 40min long I was like ehhh. After the opening scene I was hooked. It seemed like I was watching more of a movie than a series. The time went by fast. Agree with everyone that the CGI scenes suck! I hope because of the 40min episode that they will release a new one this week and not make us wait 2 weeks.

  3. I don’t usually watch checking the time, unless I outright want the episode to end, so when I read this was 45 minutes I had to double check because it really did not feel that long at all. At least when I was watching it.

  4. I was a bit hesitant when I saw the running time, but now I think I’ll be happy if all the episodes are 44 minutes. One of the few shows I’m excited about this season, despite the horrible CGI. But then again I’m biased because I always like the single father vibe.

    1. Yeah the horrible CGI is notable but doesn’t tip this into unwatchable. I am still going to wait and see what the next episode brings before I decided on this one.

  5. Yes, I only realised at the 30 minute mark that it had gone long and then checked the running time. Didn’t feel like it was too long or dragging.

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