Alice The Disciplinarian In Wonderless Land?

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Grimms Notes Episode 11 Review

For a penultimate episode this was pretty meh and also pretty confusing. I’d always assumed that they transformed into characters they had met. Ex’s first transformation kind of broke that pattern but otherwise mostly they are characters we’ve seen in the world, or I assumed characters the others met before they met Ex. But clearly Reina had never been to Wonderland and met Alice for real so now I’m just plain confused.

Reina Excited to Meet Alice - Grimms Notes Episode 11

Grimms Notes did at least break the formulaic mould it had created in this episode. While it all seemed to follow the usual pattern, the villains threw a curve ball in at the end which is what will lead us into the final episode (or at least what I assume is a final episode), so points at least for that.

Alice - Grimms Notes Episode 11

Turns out Alice and the White Rabbit have joined forces with the Queen of Hearts to remove any trace of wonder from Wonderland. They act like the disciplinary committee from an anime high school and arrest anyone who is seen doing anything that might be vaguely fun by the looks. Turns out these people end up on trial and are then sentenced to death.

Which seems dark but don’t expect the episode to linger on that point.

March Hare -  Grimms Notes Episode 11

Anyway, Reina’s absolutely crushed her hero, Alice, is behaving in such a way and more or less spends the episode trying to talk her into believing in the power of stories. It is all very cute with some fun messages to be had, but this anime just doesn’t have the narrative strength to pull it off in any manner other than stale.

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As for Tao and Shane, they’ve more of less become the peanut gallery since their focal episode and could more or less vanish without appreciably hurting the plot at this point. Even the fight scene had them do one attack and then promptly vanish from existence while Ex and Reina finished it off (or tried to).

Shane and the March Hare Episode 11 Grimms Notes

I guess we’ll see what the villains have planned next week and maybe it will save this show from quietly slipping into forgettable sub-par history.

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Karandi James

2 thoughts on “Alice The Disciplinarian In Wonderless Land?

  1. I lost interest after the Treasure Island episode and haven’t seen an episode since, but I’ve been keeping up with your reviews, and I can’t say I fell like I’m missing out.

    This episode? They’ll arrest and execute the Walrus and the Carpenter, after which the oysters let this get to their heads, as they’ve beaten fate itself. Part two: Rampage of the Divine Oyster Cult. Or not.

    Seriously, from what I’ve seen this is a show that doesn’t understand its own concept, and nothing you’ve written has led me to give it another chance. At this point, I’m not banking on the finale.

    1. I wouldn’t bank on the finale either. I’m just riding this one out to the end. The only reason it isn’t currently last in the shows I’m enjoying list for the season is because I can’t convince myself to even watch the next Boogiepop episode at the moment so I figure given this one I can watch even if it ends up being pretty pointless I must enjoy it more than that.

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