Alderamin on the Sky Series Review – Military Fantasy That Mostly Pays Off


Alderamin on the Sky Overview:

Alderamin on the Sky follows Ikta Solork, a fairly lazy and apathetic young man, who unfortunately finds himself forced into joining his country’s military along with his childhood friend. That said, Ikta Solork makes for a very cool knight, in his own way.

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Alderamin on the Sky Review:

For a series that is riddled with issues, Alderamin on the Sky manages to be a pretty entertaining series. It isn’t perfect by any means and it isn’t exactly the most mind-blowing thing you’ll ever watch, but it is an interesting military fantasy with a cast that give reasonably consistent performances and tell a story in a decent fashion.

However, as is usual with this sort of thing one season isn’t really enough and at this point a second season is more or less off the cards (though weirder things have happened).

This may not seem like a glowing recommendation but when it comes to fantasy, anything that can settle itself down long enough to get the fundamentals of story telling right without tripping themselves up with how clever they are and how amazing some mystical thingy is, kind of stands out. Even taken out of the fantasy genre, Alderamin on the Sky delivers a solid piece of story telling even if it never quite rises to being all that exciting.

That said, I haven’t quite figured out the title and whether that ever makes any sense of whether it is just words kind of mashed together from some kind of randomiser.

Strangely, I will put a language warning on Alderamin on the Sky.


Normally I wouldn’t bother (given most shows that use this kind of language are pretty obvious about it) but given the generally nice nature of the show and the characters some of the sexually explicit language that comes out at times (and a little bit of swearing) seems to come out of left field. It isn’t intrusive and not excessive, but it definitely makes its presence felt so if that isn’t your thing then perhaps you should pass.

With that out of the way let’s look at Alderamin on the Sky in a bit more detail.

Ikta and Yattori as main characters are brilliant (and not just because we keep getting told Ikta is meant to be brilliant). The chemistry between them as long term friends feels genuine and more importantly, it is needed for the plot to work. Ikta might be a brilliant strategist but without knowing his resources and what they can do, he would have failed far more often than he did.

More importantly, because the two characters know each other so well, they can take action knowing someone will have their back and this allows them to take risks that progress the story. Honestly, if nothing else in this story worked, the relationship between these two would be more than enough to keep me watching. I kind of lived in fear that they’d try to make it romantic but we were fortunately spared that particular development.

Alderamin on the Sky - Ikta and Yattori

However, as much as thought and effort has gone into the relationship between Ikta and Yattori, the Princess Chamille and most of the military officers we meet throughout the course of the anime are pretty flat as characters.

While Ikta’s core group get some development and a few minor soldiers and lower officers get some opportunities to show that they are people, the higher officers and the Princess get one note personalities. Fortunately they don’t appear all that often so it isn’t enough to ruin the viewing but it makes you wonder how the entire Kingdom hadn’t already fallen apart with some of the morons that were in charge in Alderamin on the Sky.

Moving onto the pacing, it is kind of a bit disjointed if I’m truly being honest.

Some viewers might find this a bit of a problem but Alderamin on the Sky kind of works. There are 2 – 3 episodes given to each of the minor conflicts as we progress to the final retreat that Ikta is put in charge of. This gives them time to set up a situation, have some piece of wisdom revealed, a little bit of character development and interaction, before we charge into another inevitable battle (well, it is a military fantasy).

I didn’t mind this method of pacing out the story and felt it worked quite well with the subject matter – then again, I also enjoyed the weird strategy narration from Lord Marksman and Vanadis so maybe my record with military fantasy anime is questionable.

Basically, the show steps this up from an escape, to a military exercise, to a field conflict where they have the upper hand, to a field conflict where they don’t have the upper hand, to a full on retreat. At each stage forcing Ikta to work that little bit harder for his victory (even if by victory we mean successful retreat). From a reality point of view it is laughable but from the point of view of escalating a situation in order to push a character it works very well.

Except when the story screeches to a halt for another lengthy explanation.

This is a problem in any show where the main character is supposed to be smart. The writer’s feel the need to have them explain their reasoning (ad nauseum) to a range of other characters and they inevitably don’t come off looking as smart as they would if they just kind of did what they needed to do.

I don’t know about you, but I do not stand around telling people my entire thought process before I make a decision. I will walk people through the final reasoning, but all the steps along the way get cut out because nobody wants to listen to it. For a show that mostly had clever character interactions, I’d really love to go back through it and hack out almost every one of Ikta’s strategy explanations.

At least though, while Alderamin on the Sky has us listening to Ikta it’s kind of pretty to look at. Okay, it doesn’t rise to the wow factor of something like No Game, No Life in terms of striking world building, but I actually found myself enjoying the scenery and character designs while watching this. The visuals match the story.

They do what they need to do and they don’t bother trying to clutter up the issue or disguise flaws by dangling pretty colours in our faces. I’ll echo that point for the music. It works but it isn’t trying to steal the show.

Unfortunately, fFor a fantasy, the world building is probably the weakest component in Alderamin on the Sky.

We get a basic idea of the main ideologies and set-ups of the main powers in the world but there are a million unaddressed questions in this series (like what is actually with the character’s spirit companion things). While these don’t get in the way of you understanding the plot, they leave the world feeling a little incomplete.

That said, incomplete is probably better than weighed down with excess detail at the expense of character or story development.


As I said at the start, I really enjoyed Alderamin on the Sky and I’d really like to see more of this story but it brought things to a fairly natural conclusion and the narration has told us where this story plans to go so even if we never see any more of this world or these characters we can call it a day with sufficient closure.

My recommendation is to watch this anime. If you like any kind of fantasy or if you just want an anime that tells a pretty straight forward story, Alderamin is well worth the time.

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Karandi James

20 thoughts on “Alderamin on the Sky Series Review – Military Fantasy That Mostly Pays Off

  1. “I actually kept expecting the two main characters to end up together but the series never went there and I think I liked it more because of that.”


    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the relationship between Yatorishino and Ikta defined the series for me. I thought that their trust and mutual respect, absent any kind of romantic entanglement, was unique. It was also something so attractive!

    1. They were both really fun characters and I wouldn’t mind a second season just to see where they both go from this point. Too bad we’re unlikely to get it.

  2. Sounds a little like The Legend Of Legendary Heroes, a show I’m planning to review here soon, just without all the politics.

    On other words, a show I might really enjoy. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the good review.

  3. While we’re generally on the same page about Alderamin on the Sky, I have to say I don’t think the world building was necessarily weak. We’re told what we need to know in a suitable fashion, and goes on from there. Not knowing about the Spirit Companions feels right, as it seems everyone gets one much like the Kokiri in Zelda get fairies. If it were explained, I feel it would’ve felt out of place, as none of the characters (for the most part) would need that explanation and just come off as exposition. I feel if Aderamin gets a second season we’ll defenitly get more world building, and this is simply a matter of information not essential to the plot being thrown aside.

    Also just to add. I sometimes actually do explain my thought process to how I reached a conclusion. But, usually I catch myself and stop myself, as like you said, no one want’s to hear that or cares.

    1. I am glad we were spared the info dump about the spirit companions but I just felt we needed a little more than we got (or maybe I was just curious and really want a little more). You are right in that we know enough about the world for the story and it does avoid the trap of episodes of exposition. Thanks for the comment.

  4. This was definitely a highlight of the last season and all of your praises and critiques were spot on. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for another season. Assuming this is one of the few anime which get multiple seasons.

    Which reminds me, whatever happened to GATE?

      1. It definitely isn’t finished, but I remember either reading on the animenewsnewtwork that most of the time animes don’t get 2nd seasons for while they may seem like a hit internationally, that is due to illegal streams. Hence many distributors partnering with Crunchyroll and others for dualcast in order to guage the popularity of their shows. Though they said the best thing Americans can do, if the show isn’t dualcast or dubbed, is buy merchandise. After all, buying the manga or the toys is what got the greenlit for an adaption in the first place.

  5. This one actually sounds pretty good! I think I will enjoy the two main characters’ dynamic and I’m super happy that it won’t evolve to romance. That would be too predictable and spoil the entire thing. Ikta sounds hilarious, too!

    Great review 🙂 The minuses and pluses were really helpful.

    1. I really liked Ikta. He isn’t so great in episode 1 because they play him too hard in the first episode to establish his character, but after that he kind of settles and it works quite well.

  6. Nice, I was looking for a new 12 episode series besides the longer one I am currently watching, and I could not decide. But this post has pretty much made the decision for me: thank you for this post. Had almost forgotten about this Anime (looks away in shame 😊)

    1. This isn’t ever going to make the a list anime sereis tremble but it certainly was a decent watch and a pleasant surprise from the season given I hadn’t even heard about it prior to it airing.

  7. “If you like any kind of fantasy or if you just want an anime that tells a pretty straight forward story, Alderamin is well worth the time.”

    *raises hand*
    Yes please. Both Fantasy and Military are genres that interest me. Plus an interesting and balanced couple of protagonists (rather than a couple as protagonists) sounds very appealing.

    1. I actually kept expecting the two main characters to end up together but the series never went there and I think I liked it more because of that.

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