Alderamin on the Sky Episode 12


With one episode to go there weren’t any surprises this week but that didn’t stop this episode from being dramatic and engaging. It was excellent to see Ikta and Yattori’s relationship continue to be a pertinent motivator even amongst the crisis. It was also great to see Torway not just be involved in the battle but actually making some decisions about how to deal with a situation on his own (with only a little prompting). Possibly the weakest aspect of the episode was Ikta’s inability to figure out what the enemy was up to (given some of the insights he’s had previously it just seemed plot convenience for him to get stumped now). That said, I’m really looking forward to the last two days of this retreat to see how they handle things.

Alderamin on the Sky is available on Crunchyroll.

2 thoughts on “Alderamin on the Sky Episode 12

    1. They definitely need to challenge Ikta but it just seemed like he got dumb suddenly rather than the other guy being particularly clever. That’s the problem when you write an overly brilliant character who sees through everything early on in the series. It’s not totally unbelievable that he missed something like that, it just seems like plot convenience that it happened now.

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