Alderamin of the Sky Episode 1 + 2


A lazy boy (who is also an outrageous flirt) is going to take some exam for the army (because a friend of his has asked him to) but while on route their boat starts sinking and their forced to bail. Naturally they rescue a princess and then end up behind enemy lines.

Review Episode 1:

Not what I was expecting. I very nearly just skipped right past this series thinking I was sick of the every guy joining the army and being amazing and all the girls flocked to him. While there is definitely a bit of that, this series distinguishes itself in two ways. One, they aren’t currently sitting in a military school and doing training games that may or may not take on a serious tone later. Two, the main character actually seems to have a bit of a personality and child-hood friend girl doesn’t seem either the overbearing sister type or the pathetic wimp. Whether I enjoyed this first episode so much because it defied my expectations or because it was good I’m not sure. Looking forward to the next episode.

Review Episode 2:


Really loving this so far. It’s been awhile since a pure fantasy (other than Snow White) has really caught my attention. And Endride (which was my last attempt at this genre) was truly, unwatchably dreadful and I gave it away by episode 4. Mostly I am finding the protagonist interesting. Yeah, he’s got a dark past and it’s damaged him so the standard orphan with chip on shoulder cliché is well in effect but he isn’t grating on my nerves and I genuinely want to see how he will deal with the situation he’s now been thrust into. Possibly this will lose momentum once the introductions are over and done with, but I’m really hoping for something good here. The first two episodes definitely impressed.

Alderamin of the Sky is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Alderamin of the Sky Episode 1 + 2

    1. I’d be really interested to know who has managed to stick Endride out. I just couldn’t handle the characters in that anime.

  1. I know, right? This show just flew over our heads, but it was reasonably impressive that it could be said that this show is underrated. Gonna continue watchin’!

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