Akiba’s Trip Episode 2



I get the feeling that this is a show I’m going to forget as soon as I’m done watching it but I’ll have a great collection of screen caps. Like this one where Tomotsu’s sister clearly empathizes with his situation having died and been brought back last week.


Or this one, where Tomotsu announced the name for their team that he’s apparently been pondering all night.


Or lastly, this one where we realise Tomotsu is just plain deluded and not about bugged ones but about reality.

Some subtle product placement in the background there.

Seriously, this show takes any opportunity for nudity, girls in maid costumes or bunny suits, has some highly questionable camera angles, and a story that kind of boils down to those guys are bad, we’re good, let’s win, and yet for all that it is nonsense it is fairly entertaining nonesense. There’s also a few good points like the field around Akihabara that now prevents Tomotsu from leaving is kind of interesting.

All and all, I didn’t intend to like this show, but I do. It’s completely silly and the plot is utterly ridiculous (what plot there is) and if there are so many ways you could take offence at some of the jokes, and yet somehow it’s working for me at the moment.

Akiba’s Trip is available on Crunchyroll.

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4 thoughts on “Akiba’s Trip Episode 2

  1. Yeah this is the one show in my line up this season I was not expecting to be okay with. I thought it’d be another throw away video game adaptation, and while I still think it is you sum up what this series is. Entertaining nonsense that isn’t offensive or annoying enough to be grating, but is also unique enough in its absurdity to not be bland and boring. A nice little welcomed time waster this season when so many shows can’t manage to do that which is unfortunate.

    1. Nice way of putting it: “A nice little welcomed time waster”. The issue is, that doesn’t leave much to recommend about it even though it is managing to make me smile a bit.

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