Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 9



Drama, drama, drama. In this episode we get Re=L’s backstory, a fairly cool fight sequence, some magic spells thrown around, the old guy’s plan totally foiled, rescue the Princess, and make up with all our school friends to live happily ever after playing beach volleyball. It’s all very exciting but kind of feels like none of it was dealt with properly.


Admittedly, at least we don’t spend three episodes with the whole which side is Re=L on and at least there’s some reason for the stupid name but really this kind of felt like they just wanted to get back to playing on the beach and girls in swimsuits as fast as possible and Rumia being kidnapped was just an unwelcome diversion rather than the main plot.

Akashic Records is available on Crunchyroll.

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4 thoughts on “Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 9

  1. I have a brand new anime or manga featuring a 36 or 37 year old paranormal investigator named Adam lee he lives in Tokyo Japan he works for a top secret government agency called the infinity group that hunts down monsters and freaks around the world they also try to have monsters and freaks become average citizens in Tokyo Japan through a cultural exchange program.

  2. I think they rushed this arc in a way that it just felt like someone giving you desert right after an appetizer, but in all respect I agree with what you said in the second paragraph and am curious to see what happens next, no surprise if Rumia gets kidnapped #Rumia is everyones number 1 hostage.

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