Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 5



There are many characters where you meet them and as you get to know them your impression of them changes. Glenn kind of takes that to an extreme that from any sensible point of view makes no sense. His absolutely despicable nature in episode 1 is all but entirely gone with only the occasionally half-hearted efforts to convince us that he is in fact the same guy. This week’s throw back to Glenn Ep 1 happens when he neglects to mention to a student that he is currently just using an illusion to look like Rumia because he really wants to eat said student’s lunch.


With that scummy exception, Glenn plays the nice guy role for most of the episode and this actually was a surprisingly decent episode with more intrigue getting stirred up around Rumia and some actual violence unfolding. My only question is why isn’t Rumia the main character in this story given every major plot point has so far centred on her.

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3 thoughts on “Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 5

  1. Why isn’t Rumia the main character? Well if she was the we wouldn’t have an excuse to be able to call this a harem anime. Also if we use Glenn the lazy but (implied) skilled mage then we’ll have plenty of viewers putting themselves in his shoes so that they can live out the power fantasy while being surrounded by qt girls whom he forms stronger bonds than a teach might out to.

    Whoa. Is my cynicism showing? I think it’s showing. I mean I am enjoying the show for what it is, but I could stand for Glenn being… not Glenn?

    1. It just kind of feels like Rumia is the one with the special power, the one with the actually tragic back story (and not just her ideals being tromped on) and the one around which all the conflict is centred. It would make far more sense to have her be the main character and Glenn the guy who occasionally saves her.

      1. I agree, but they gotta make it psuedo-harem for the laughs. Ok, I’ll stop with that now. So far, Rumia seems to have taken a back seat to both Glenn and Sistel, although being the one (by simply existing) to move the plot forward. Glenn might have an interesting backstory, but that would’ve been nicer to observe at a point in time before Rumias tragic backstory happened. Then we have the OP which seems to suggest something is up with Sistel. So maybe in the long run Rumia isn’t going to be the biggest plot point, but as for now… I can’t wait to meet emotionless girl, I guess.

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